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I Didn’t Start Eating Cheerios


When I was 21 I was applying for a certain type of insurance…which required some lab tests – one of those including a lipid panel…ALSO known as testing your cholesterol. Heart disease and high cholesterol run in my family. My grandpa passed away due to heart disease complications, my dad has had open heart surgery, my sister and niece have both had procedures to correct a heart arrhythmia and I myself was born with a heart defect called a Ventricular Septal Defect. Both of my parents have been on cholesterol medication as long as I can recall. I shouldn’t have been surprised that when I got my blood test results that I had high cholesterol too.

But I was TWENTY ONE. I was training for a marathon, my diet consisted of plenty of vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and everything else that qualifies as a “heart healthy diet” as promoted by the American Heart Association. I wasn’t by any means overweight either. It just goes to show that family history has a LOT to do with it!

So what did my primary care doctor say when she saw the results? “We will keep our eye on it and recheck yearly. Please ensure you are eating a heart healthy diet and exercise also.” Hmm….well I THINK marathon training counts as exercise…and like I said my eating was in check too…

I Didn’t Start Eating Cheerios

As a nurse I know the dangers of having high cholesterol. Having excess cholesterol build up can lead to waxy deposits in your arteries – narrowing the vessels – and can eventually lead to a hardening of the vessels. The narrowing of the vessels makes it harder for blood to flow to your heart, brain and the rest of your body. Also – a piece of the plaque could dislodge and cause a clot in your brain (a stroke) or to your heart (heart attack) Your body NEEDS cholesterol to some extent and it is produced by your body on it’s own. Cholesterol gets around within your body with certain types of proteins: Low Density Lipoproteins (known as LDLs) and High Density Lipoproteins (known as HDLs) The Cleveland Clinic website has a good way to remember which one is good and which one is bad:

Think of HDLs as the “garbage trucks” that haul away excess cholesterol to the liver. The LDLs are the “delivery trucks” that pick up the cholesterol from the liver and bring it to the cells.

So why do we need it? Cholesterol helps your body produce hormones, vitamin D and helps you digest food too! (so’s not completely evil!)

You might find this infographic helpful – resource found HERE

So what is recommended for lowering cholesterol?

1. Adding heart healthy foods to your diet:
​ex: healthy omega-3 fats, whole grains, avoid trans-fats, increasing fiber intake, lean meats
2. quit smoking
3. increase physical activity
4. be at a “healthy” weight
5. alcohol in moderation

hmmm…well I already do all these things and was doing them at age 21 also…so what has changed?

First lets look at my results! (C’mon Marti, get to the juicy stuff!)

So as you can see
my total cholesterol is 211 – borderline high –

HDL (the good cholesterol) is 103 – this is high but that is OK – this means it is COMPENSATING and picking up the extra junk (remember the garbage trucks)

Triglycerides are within normal range

LDL (the BAD cholesterol is also at a good level!
so you might be thinking..ok what is the big deal? Let’s compare to results in the past!

Here are the numbers over the past four years of being checked! I started at 242…This year I’m at 211! And holy cow..look at the improvement in the LDLs too! (142 vs 97??) If I total everything up from the panel I have made a dramatic change of 99 point difference in my overall panel – and MORE if you count the improvement in the HDLs too!
So what is different THEN vs. NOW?

1. I’m not training for a marathon – so maybe some decreased stress on my body? Yes I work out most days and I also have an active job as a nurse. I strive for a balance of workout types: strength training and weight lifting, running, MMA style workouts, HIIT style training and I utilize working out at home AND at the gym. Oh and I’m taking days off too! (usually about two days a week)

2. I use Shakeology every day. Most of the time at work just in a shaker cup with water and ice! Otherwise I blend up a delish smoothie for dessert OR make an awesome pancake in 10 minutes. Shakeology is not just a protein shake. Yes it has protein. BUT it’s focus is on SUPERFOODS (70 of them in fact) Phytonutrients like MORINGA, kale, spiniach, spirulina that prolong life and preserve the good cells. Prebiotics and probiotics for digestion and healing your gut. ANTIOXIDANTS like Goji berry, green tea, camu-camu, blueberries, aceola that FIGHT DISEASE AND INFLAMMATION. Adaptogens (aka STRESS FIGHTERS) as in ashwaganda, maca, reishi mushrooms, chaga mushrooms. Digestive enzymes to help us break down our nutrition properly so that it actually gets utilized. It also has VITAMINS, MINERALS and many of those that are difficult to get in with just eating clean foods. (Sadly so much of what we think we are eating…we actually aren’t)

3. I still eat a “heart healthy diet” – oh – and treats too of course!

4. I follow up yearly with my primary physician and also keep an eye on my vital signs – such as my blood pressure (which is always LOW)

5. I have maintained my weight (of course it does fluctuate..but that is just a fact of life I’m learning!)

So the advice I give you is this.

Focus on the risk factors you CAN control! Like your nutrition, exercise, blood pressure, stress levels and worry less about the things you can’t – like your race and family history. Make small changes EVERY day because they will add up to big ones in the long run!

And FIND OUT YOUR RISK. Ask your family about their levels, find out about any relatives with heart disease and get yourself checked out! Get your lipid panel drawn, get your blood pressure checked, get your blood glucose level checked too. Find out where you are at so that you can IMPROVE.

Invest in yourself. Paying $4 a day for Shakeology is much better than already having to pay for CHOLESTEROL MEDICATIONS FOR LIFE.

1. Does heart disease and high cholesterol run in your family?

2. Do you know your numbers?

3. What changes are you making to improve?

4. To join me in the fight against cholesterol and find out more about Shakeology – email me HERE subject title FIGHTER


4 tips to stay active during turkey week!

haha oh no! big bird! – Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope you all have lots of eating and family activities planned this week? I’m excited for all the baking I get to do! On my baking agenda is…

These browned butter sea salt chocolate chip cookies 
Monster Cookies from Sally’s Cookie Cookbook (as seen below)
​and I’m thinking THIS CHEESECAKE has to happen!

4 Tips to Stay Active During Turkey Week

I threw out a little survey over on instagram…and this is the post you all were most interested in! How to stay active during the holiday season and I’ll share my own plan below also. Let’s start with four quick tips!
1. Get it done in the morning! – before hitting the road or starting the day of eating get up and get it done. Getting your workout in first thing in the morning will give you more energy throughout the day and it will leave you feeling good that you did something GOOD for yourself 🙂

2. Make it fun – what about signing up for a local turkey trot! These races are super fun to walk or run and recruit the family to get involved too! Many of these “races” raise money for local charities and food shelves. Plus getting out and getting fresh air IS overwhelming to me I will admit, but it feels sooooo good to get that accomplished AND donate to a good cause at the same time! Being around all the positive energy is invigorating.

3. Find something you can do anywhere. Pack your running shoes and get out and do you own turkey trot! I LOVE my beachbody on demand application that has over 500 workouts on there…that way I can have ANY workout at my fingertips: strength training…yoga…cardio…kick boxing… and there are EVEN PARTNER workouts to do with your significant other or your kids!

4. Then enjoy the rest (and the food) Indulge. You only live once and I’m still learning this too, but one day is not going to undo your health. In fact it’s good for you! Keep that metabolism guessing and it’s good to give your mindset a break too if you are constantly tracking. It’s a dangerous pattern to fall into…and I refuse to let it get the best of me.

So I’ll be over here challenging myself to working on my before picture!

1. How do you like to stay active during the holiday season?
2. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
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“I don’t know how to eat”


Those are LITERALLY the words that came out of the mouth recently of one of my clients – and in a world of “low carb” “intermittent fasting” “portion fix” “weight watchers” “if it fits your macros” “high protein” “high fat” “low fat” – I really can’t say I blame her. It’s freaking confusing – You know you want to “be healthier” but how in the WORLD do you know where to start? And then you overthink it…stress about it…and dangn’t stress causes weight gain and overeating and water retention and DAMN you are back at square one!

ok. breathe.

But for real though…am I wrong?

I’m not a certified nutritionist (but I am a Registered Nurse) – so I’m just here to share what has helped me, has helped others and my own personal experiences in hopes that it somehow helps YOU or someone you know!

“I don’t know how to Eat”

I started running during college as a stress outlet..a way to stay active and just SOMETHING to clear my mind and work up a sweat! I was always super active during high school but going to college is different! And who wants to put on the freshman 15 anyways? I HATED running during high school because we alwas had to do it as a punishment – but in college it felt different! I taught myself to just ZONE out while on the treadmill -I could even read my notes to study or read a magazine (currently I still read my favorite blogs and my magazines on my nook while logging miles)
I found myself especially interested in nutrition while I was going to school. I loved my nutrition class we had to take for nursing and I seriously think I read every single health and fitness magazine -I was like a SPONGE for that stuff!

And since I was being more active with running I was also doing some various running events! 5ks, 10ks, training for a half AND working at a running store I figured I better clean up my act with eating too. I started eating salads for every lunch – and looking back there is no way that I was eating enough. I dropped some weight obviously even though that was never my intention! People say mean things when that happens. I was labeled as “anorexic” – crazy runner girl – obsessed – etc etc – that words “Go eat a cheeseburger” btw is not nice.

Here is me running my first half – kinda scrawny I know! BELIEVE me when I say I have been through it all – feeling too small – feeling uncomfortable in my skin too.
I remember this was before going out for a night with the girls and I felt like NOTHING fit right and I just felt yucky about myself. I by no means was obese or ANYTHING like that..but I definitely did NOT feel like me!

And THAT is what I’m TALKING about today – when you are at a low point in your life -and I’m NOT talking about a number on a scale but when you truly want to get back on track and feel GOOD again – YOU want to make make nutrition changes but DON’T KNOW where to start – Let me help you with some of my favorite tips that have helped me over the years!

1. First step – Decide that you actually want to pursue a healthier lifestyle. You seriously have to want to do it and be in the mindset for it! I’m NOT saying you have to go all or nothing – but you have to be committed too.

2. Do a self analysis. How would you describe your current nutrition. Take THREE days and journal it all- whether it be through an app like my fitness pal or just pen and paper! After the three days take a look at what you have written down.
What do you eat a lot of?
What do you NOT eat a lot of?
When do you feel extra hungry?
Any foods that you ate make you feel weird, sick or gross?
How much water did you drink these days?
What were you craving? sweets at night? salty? Super hungry and wanting everything by 9 pm? Just do an analysis and you might be surprised what you find out!

3. Is there anything in your entries that were super surprising that you eat or drink way too much of? For example: maybe you are having THREE sodas every day (and YES it still isn’t OK if they are “diet”) –

***DISCLAIMERI do have a soda every now and again but that is besides the point.***

Why are you reaching for more soda? Are you genuinely thirsty? Are you tired and you are thinking that will give you an extra buzz? Are you having an afternoon tired spell? What could you do for now to cut down to ONE soda a day?

Another example: You put ranch on EVERYTHING. Like we are talking everything drowning in ranch.

***DISCLAIMER #2 I like ranch!***

How could you make a healthier choice and use less?
1. Try a greek yogurt based ranch like Bolthouse Farms! Do half and half with your regular ranch and wean yourself to NOT drowning everything in it –
2. Actually portion out ONE serving and then put the bottle away.

So these of course are just TWO examples – but hopefully that makes sense and you get the idea!

4. Know that it is going to take time to make changes. Sorry – there really truly are NO TRUE “quick fixes” It took you a while to develop these habits and its going to take a while to develop and learn new ones! Be patient with yourself. Trust the process.
5. Know that that you are special and unique and there is not a RIGHT away that works for everyone. Everyone has different needs, likes and habits and that is ok. But you have to find something to try if you truly want to make a change. To me it was all about making small changes that added up to big ones. Not changing everything all at once
6. When you are changing your eating habits…ask yourself “Could I live like this?” I do agree that you will have to make some sacrifices – after all you want to change..right? But if the way you are eating doesn’t “allow” you to ever have a treat – is that really worth it and sustainable? Coming from a dark chocolate and a cookie lover – it sure isn’t worth it to me! SUFFERING AND FEELING DEPRIVED IS NOT HEALTHY.
7. Disclaimer. Yes I’m a beachbody coach – but you should know that I’m also a researcher and have looked into all different ways to help people in their nutrition. There are MANY things I do NOT get on board with – and you are entitled to your opinion of course too! What I do agree with is the nutrition system that beachbody does include in many of its workouts – called the portion fix system. It focuses on eating REAL food and eating them in their correct portions. You should be eating a diet (not dieting but HAVING a diet) that includes all foods: proteins, carbohydrates (yes you need those for energy!), fats, (no they aren’t going to make you fat), fruits, veggies -You should be eating all of these foods in the correct portion sizes and in the right amount of servings too! The portion fix system includes food lists from all the categories of food groups and even color codes them. You do a SIMPLE calculation to figure out how many of each food group you need throughout the day according to your goals! (weight loss, maintenance or even gaining) You choose foods that you like from the food lists that are “acceptable” and just simply eat them. Nothing complicated. Eat real food. Portion control. Get away from processed. Eat enough. Boom. oh and chocolate and wine is included too!

Its a great education tool especially for the portion aspect!

Find support. Seriously. You aren’t alone with whatever you are going through and it’s ok to ask for help and support. Find a tribe. Love them hard. I would love to help you any way I can – in fact you can apply for my VIP group here:
What do you struggle most with in your nutrition? What are some changes you are trying to make?

Being a coach… without a before and after?

When you think of a health coach what comes to mind? Someone with six pack abs and the perfect body according to society? Someone shoving protein shakes at you? Someone with a super dramatic before and after weightloss transformation picture? Let’s just say I probably don’t fit any of those descriptions. A health coach can be all of the above or none of the above – you just have to be you.

Being a Coach – Without a Before and After

Even after completing nursing school – I always felt like there is something more for me. I love being a nurse (don’t get me wrong) but I still have always felt like something was missing.. I’ve also been kinda obsessed with health, running and nutrition since college. So why not make something more of it?

Every month I create accountability groups. It is run through an app where my clients and fellow coaches that choose to participate can log their shakeology, their workouts and just post WHATEVER is on their heart or mind that day. I also post twice a day – including valuable tools such as meal prep tips, recipes, fitness inspiration and also mindset and positivity challenges. Because let’s face it…we can ALL use more of that in this world…

Being a coach is not being someone other than yourself.

Being a coach doesn’t mean that you are perfect and are at your “after photo” – in fact its much deeper than that.

Being a coach does not mean that you are soley responsible for others to have results.

Being a coach does not mean that you are an expert….a know it all….

SO what is it?

Coaching means that you encourage and shine a light. You give others hope and show them that they TOO can do whatever they set their mind to.

It’s always working on yourself … physically … but even more so mentally and emotionally with personal development.

Its not about protein shakes and if you have researched SHAKEOLOGY at all you know that that is NOT what Shakeology is! (yes it has protein…but that isn’t the basis)

It’s NOT about spamming people and making them order things.

Its about learning others needs and fulfilling them.

It’s about helping. It’s about changing lives. Daring to dream bigger for yourself and others. It’s about knowing that you can do better each and every day. Its about

It’s about banding together and empowering one another to dare to dream bigger. Maybe for you that is building a full time income by helping others and yourself. Maybe for you its the freedom to choose how you schedule your day. Or maybe your dream is to just TRY something new because what you are doing right now just ISN’T bringing you results or making you happy or fulfilled.

Why not try?

I would love to hear about your big wild and crazy goal. Whether you are looking for the community or simply a way to earn some extra income I would feel blessed to be a part of your health journey.

Drop me a line:


Fill out this 3 minute survey to learn more about coaching: 

Fill out this 3 minute survey to get my assistance with your fitness and nutrition

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I’m Seeing Changes from my Workout Program…but it’s NOT What You Think.

so many times you start a new nutrition program, workout routine or other healthy change for the goal to make changes to your body… and years ago when I started running I would be lying to you if I said I hadn’t hoped for that. But now it’s different. I’ve been doing a workout program called Shift Shop the last few weeks and just yesterday I looked in the mirror and saw a huge change. I could seriously cry.

I’m Seeing Changes from my Workout Program…but it’s NOT What You Think.

It’s not a change in my figure. A change in muscle tone or growth. It wasn’t a change in the number on the scale. Or even abs starting to show.

It was looking at myself in the mirror and realizing that I felt good in my own head.

I have STRUGGLED with some workout programs because I feel like I’m doing it because all the other coaches are doing it and promoting it … so wouldn’t I too? And to be honest when I’ve done insanity workouts I didn’t like them. I did for a while, but go BURNT out with all the jumping and intensity and scream in your faceness. And at first I thought The Shift Shop was going to be something similar.

But I’m determined to go outside my comfort zone. I don’t want to be that person at the gym for hours or the girl running miles on the treadmill because she feels like she has to.

Chris Downing is a different type of trainer. I did his workout LIVE in the Dominican Republic on the rewards trip. And he just has a way of speaking to you. He’s humble. Understanding. Down to earth. And the SHIFT he talks about it making one WITHIN you. Because you are WORTHY of everything you desire. And it goes much farther than six pack abs.

So for the last month I’ve been doing post on instagram and facebook about confessions. Confessions of my struggles with perfection. Just being me. No facade. And yesterday I finally feel a realization surfaced. I’ve been pushing play in this program for a different reason. I’m pushing play because doing something that is hard to me and overcoming it feels good. Knowing I CAN do something I commit to doing feels good. It feels like I’m sweating my way into a meditation and after I feel BETTER.

I’m working on a SIX PACK MINDSET. Not abs.

Are you ready for a CHANGE?!? I would be BLESSED to introduce you and be a part of these changes within too.

Quick form to fill out here and let’s work TOGETHER

What is on your mind today?
What changes internally have you been working on?
Do you struggle with things like this too?


Sneaky Ways to Heal your Guts


No one likes to talk about poop. But everyone does it. (or at least I hope so!) Some more than others and some more regular than others. It’s definitely something you take for granted UNTIL you run into issues…WIthout getting TOO personal today I just wanted to share a few things I have been incorporating into into healing my gut!

Sneaky Ways to Heal your Guts

There are a few things I have been incorporating into my daily routine and a few tweaks I have been making to my routine to ensure that things STAY on track. (if you know what I mean).
My daily Shakeology. It contains greens, high fiber nutrients like chia and flax and also has probiotics and prebiotics that help keep those little bacteria in our GI happy! and all the veggies – tastes like ice cream and its has $42 worth of produce in ONE serving.
SO many things about this picture above:

1. Broccoli, cauliflower, and other veggies high in fiber! These vegetables literally SWEEP out the intestinal tract. Please use caution as vegetables such as these are NOT going to be easy on your digestion if you are going TOO much as it may be TOO stimulating to your system. so if you are following LOW FODMAPS these are NOT the right foods for you! But that is another post in itself! (more to come in another post if you would like!)

2. Adding spices like minced ginger and tumeric – these two seasonings are super high in antioxidants and anti inflammatory and have known to heal the body! Tumeric is a BRIGHT yellow seasoning that has also been known to treat Diabetes Type 2, Arthritis, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, reduce stress and much more! Ginger also has a TON of health benefits! Just a few include fighting cancer, is used as an anti-nausea, lowers cholesterol, soothes muscle pain as WELL as calming digestion issues!

3. Please note the spicy sauces and garlic and onions may also be upsetting to the GI – just depending on where you are at in your gut health!

Bone broth! Ever heard of it? I know it sounds creepy but it is super duper healing for your insides! It is literally from the insides of bones – sounds gross but its the most broken down form of collagen protein making it super easy for your body to break down! The many benefits to your health include healing the digestive system, glowing skin, decreased cellulite, boosts immunity and even improves sleep! It literally tastes good – the kind I tried tastes like chicken broth!
Probiotic fermented drinks like kombucha – and this sparkling kevita drink is my favorite! There are a ton of varieties with many flavors! Just check the label to make sure there aren’t a ton of added sugars that are unneccesary!
How is your gut health? Any issues? Do you do any of the above things to help your digestion? What works for you?
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It is CRAZY the market of health and fitness that targets brides to be … I’ve seen titles like “shredding for the wedding” – or “getting fit for the dress” – or people even talking about getting in the “best shape of their life” for their wedding… or buff arms for their wedding .. .etc –

so where do I stand on it all? and what am I working on as I prep for the big day?

Thought it was time to share!

workouts and nutrition lately and my thoughts on “shredding” for the wedding

I DO want to feel my most confident on my wedding day – believe me when I say I want to rock that dress and feel more beautiful then I’ve ever felt! In the past maybe I could see myself going after one of those fad titles…but not any more. I can see how easy it would be to get sucked in too. Your wedding day is an emotional day…and a lot of people are willing to do whatever it takes to make the day “Perfect” – including having a “perfect body.”

Then comes me… I’m just not willing to sacrifice the foods and drinks that brings me joy. I’m not willing to spend hours at the gym or hours on the treadmill. I’m not willing to make myself feel “BAD” about missing a run or feel guilty about having a cinnamon roll the size of my head.

So I choose not to.

This past weekend when I was on call I had about two hours of sleep each Friday night and Saturday night…I ate what I could and when I could. I had caffeine all hours of the day and night…and I definitely drank more coffee than I did water. I had peanut butter m&ms, bars and doritos. Oh and late night Papa John’s too. Oh and I only worked out on Friday.

and guess what.

I survived. The world didn’t come to an end and come Monday – my weight was the same even. Although I FELT LIKE CRUD and my energy levels were six feet under… I just got up in the morning and got back into my “normal routine.”

coffee & breakfast.
80% “clean foods” 20% fun foods.

To me …that is something that is sustainable. Is it HARD to realize that you WILL be ok for missing a day…or taking a break from your prepped meals? It can be. But think about it this way…do you want to find a way to create healthier habits that can last a life time? Or become obsessed just for ONE LIFE EVENT and when it’s over go back to your crap ways.

I choose option one!

You all know by now I have a coming and going relationship with running. At one point it was all that ever mattered to me in fitness…then I gave myself a reality check 🙂 ha! I’ve definitely expanded my horizons since my marathon days..but lately I’ve been getting back on the “running train” – Not forcing it, but doing what feels good.

Here is how I’m setting up my “workout schedule” for the summer.

3 Runs per week – ONE being a “longer run” – right now for me that would be 5-7 miles
2 strength training sessions – most likely these will be utilizing my Beachbody on Demand and the new HIIT workout –

The new workout that JUST released as a preview this week is called Liift4 – these are 4 workouts out a week that are high intensity interval training and are only 20 minutes long which for me is PERFECT for summer! My body responds well when I mix in both cardio AND weights – PLUS the weights keep me injury free when putting on the miles.

Here a preview of Liift4

WHY do I like this schedule?

1. Short and sweet. Get it done and get on with your day.
2. I have workout A.D.D. – so mixing it up keeps me from getting bored!
3. Mixing both strength and cardio prevents injury.
4. I get to use GYM WORKOUTS AND AT HOME. The best of both worlds. And with the Beachbody On Demand I can even use my tablet and get my workout done OUTSIDE.

After all – a wedding should be MOST ABOUT the MARRIAGE. The relationship. And the journey there after –

What are your thoughts about this?
Are you more motivated by a special event..but then struggle to keep it going?
Would you be interested in a workout program for four days a week 20 minute workouts?


Why I Don’t Work Out Every Single Day and Why it’s OK You Don’ t Either

But I’m a fitness coach. Aren’t I suppose to be GO GO GO and giving it my all 150% in my workouts each and every day? Aren’t I supposed to be “hard core.”? Aren’t I supposed to be PERFECT in my eating habits too? Am I not supposed to be PUSHING you to go HARDER, GO FASTER, STRONGER?

Maybe that is the style of some coaches. But I’m going to be openly honest with you guys and share something that might be surprising. I do NOT do a workout every day. Whoa. What? and to be honest…I don’t know that that is the healthy way for YOU to go about it either… Whoa…say what?

Why I Don’t Work Out Every Single Day and Why it’s OK You Don’ t Either

Yeah. You read the above paragraph correctly…did I catch you off guard? Are you surprised?

My opinion on this has changed dramatically over the years. During college and immediately after I was REALLY into running. Like I ran every day. A day was NOT complete unless I got in a run…and I even often felt GUILTY on rest days or days that I wasn’t running at least an hour. Is that healthy? Looking back…not at all. Did I mean to have an unhealthy mindset? Absolutely not. I was addicted to the high of the accomplishment of finishing a run. It felt GOOD to escape the stressors of life and just hit the pavement or the treadmill. Finishing a long run feels like a fresh start.

Today it is different. I still do love running and it was ALWAYS be my first true love with fitness. It’s something I still enjoy and always go back to. But I’m doing other workouts too! and I’m also not doing a formal workout every day. For me it is NOT how my body functions best.

I do think programs that require a workout every single day for a short period of time are a great start. Especially ones that incorporate a mix of strength training, cardio and stretching. Mixing it up where it works different parts of your body really is best so that your body feels BALANCED. AND by working out for a stretch of time also helps create a habit of getting active.

I do not think this is sustainable over time. At least not for me!

I’ve been working on this whole listening to my body thing.
Eat when you are hungry.
Stop when you are full.
Eat what makes you happy and fulfilled.
Move your body in ways that feel good that bring you joy.
Rest when you are weary.
Get sleep too.

This does NOT mean that on the days that I don’t do a home workout or gym workout I just sit around all day. Not at all! Most days I’m at my job I’m on my feet all day. I’m pushing, lifting, walking – etc. If I’m at home I’m using my rest days to stay active by working outside, working inside cleaning, going for a walk. I’m learning more and more each day and each week that the miles you put on do NOT determine your worth. The pounds you lift also do not determine your worth.

As long as you never give up on yourself and continue to always be working on you…THAT is a victory. It’s not WHAT you do …it’s WHO you are!

That is my philosophy as a coach and I would love to help you find your way to your goals too. We are all so different…and that is a beautiful thing. Please know and and realize you CAN make your life a healthier one and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I would love to hear from you and let’s work on it together!

Now you tell me..

How often do you work out?
Are you a runner?
​What are your thoughts on this?