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When you think of a health coach what comes to mind? Someone with six pack abs and the perfect body according to society? Someone shoving protein shakes at you? Someone with a super dramatic before and after weightloss transformation picture? Let’s just say I probably don’t fit any of those descriptions. A health coach can be all of the above or none of the above – you just have to be you.

Being a Coach – Without a Before and After

Even after completing nursing school – I always felt like there is something more for me. I love being a nurse (don’t get me wrong) but I still have always felt like something was missing.. I’ve also been kinda obsessed with health, running and nutrition since college. So why not make something more of it?

Every month I create accountability groups. It is run through an app where my clients and fellow coaches that choose to participate can log their shakeology, their workouts and just post WHATEVER is on their heart or mind that day. I also post twice a day – including valuable tools such as meal prep tips, recipes, fitness inspiration and also mindset and positivity challenges. Because let’s face it…we can ALL use more of that in this world…

Being a coach is not being someone other than yourself.

Being a coach doesn’t mean that you are perfect and are at your “after photo” – in fact its much deeper than that.

Being a coach does not mean that you are soley responsible for others to have results.

Being a coach does not mean that you are an expert….a know it all….

SO what is it?

Coaching means that you encourage and shine a light. You give others hope and show them that they TOO can do whatever they set their mind to.

It’s always working on yourself … physically … but even more so mentally and emotionally with personal development.

Its not about protein shakes and if you have researched SHAKEOLOGY at all you know that that is NOT what Shakeology is! (yes it has protein…but that isn’t the basis)

It’s NOT about spamming people and making them order things.

Its about learning others needs and fulfilling them.

It’s about helping. It’s about changing lives. Daring to dream bigger for yourself and others. It’s about knowing that you can do better each and every day. Its about

It’s about banding together and empowering one another to dare to dream bigger. Maybe for you that is building a full time income by helping others and yourself. Maybe for you its the freedom to choose how you schedule your day. Or maybe your dream is to just TRY something new because what you are doing right now just ISN’T bringing you results or making you happy or fulfilled.

Why not try?

I would love to hear about your big wild and crazy goal. Whether you are looking for the community or simply a way to earn some extra income I would feel blessed to be a part of your health journey.

Drop me a line: marti.hoekstra@gmail.com


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Being a coach… without a before and after?