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But I’m a fitness coach. Aren’t I suppose to be GO GO GO and giving it my all 150% in my workouts each and every day? Aren’t I supposed to be “hard core.”? Aren’t I supposed to be PERFECT in my eating habits too? Am I not supposed to be PUSHING you to go HARDER, GO FASTER, STRONGER?

Maybe that is the style of some coaches. But I’m going to be openly honest with you guys and share something that might be surprising. I do NOT do a workout every day. Whoa. What? and to be honest…I don’t know that that is the healthy way for YOU to go about it either… Whoa…say what?

Why I Don’t Work Out Every Single Day and Why it’s OK You Don’ t Either

Yeah. You read the above paragraph correctly…did I catch you off guard? Are you surprised?

My opinion on this has changed dramatically over the years. During college and immediately after I was REALLY into running. Like I ran every day. A day was NOT complete unless I got in a run…and I even often felt GUILTY on rest days or days that I wasn’t running at least an hour. Is that healthy? Looking back…not at all. Did I mean to have an unhealthy mindset? Absolutely not. I was addicted to the high of the accomplishment of finishing a run. It felt GOOD to escape the stressors of life and just hit the pavement or the treadmill. Finishing a long run feels like a fresh start.

Today it is different. I still do love running and it was ALWAYS be my first true love with fitness. It’s something I still enjoy and always go back to. But I’m doing other workouts too! and I’m also not doing a formal workout every day. For me it is NOT how my body functions best.

I do think programs that require a workout every single day for a short period of time are a great start. Especially ones that incorporate a mix of strength training, cardio and stretching. Mixing it up where it works different parts of your body really is best so that your body feels BALANCED. AND by working out for a stretch of time also helps create a habit of getting active.

I do not think this is sustainable over time. At least not for me!

I’ve been working on this whole listening to my body thing.
Eat when you are hungry.
Stop when you are full.
Eat what makes you happy and fulfilled.
Move your body in ways that feel good that bring you joy.
Rest when you are weary.
Get sleep too.

This does NOT mean that on the days that I don’t do a home workout or gym workout I just sit around all day. Not at all! Most days I’m at my job I’m on my feet all day. I’m pushing, lifting, walking – etc. If I’m at home I’m using my rest days to stay active by working outside, working inside cleaning, going for a walk. I’m learning more and more each day and each week that the miles you put on do NOT determine your worth. The pounds you lift also do not determine your worth.

As long as you never give up on yourself and continue to always be working on you…THAT is a victory. It’s not WHAT you do …it’s WHO you are!

That is my philosophy as a coach and I would love to help you find your way to your goals too. We are all so different…and that is a beautiful thing. Please know and and realize you CAN make your life a healthier one and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I would love to hear from you and let’s work on it together!

Now you tell me..

How often do you work out?
Are you a runner?
​What are your thoughts on this?

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Why I Don’t Work Out Every Single Day and Why it’s OK You Don’ t Either