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It is CRAZY the market of health and fitness that targets brides to be … I’ve seen titles like “shredding for the wedding” – or “getting fit for the dress” – or people even talking about getting in the “best shape of their life” for their wedding… or buff arms for their wedding .. .etc –

so where do I stand on it all? and what am I working on as I prep for the big day?

Thought it was time to share!

workouts and nutrition lately and my thoughts on “shredding” for the wedding

I DO want to feel my most confident on my wedding day – believe me when I say I want to rock that dress and feel more beautiful then I’ve ever felt! In the past maybe I could see myself going after one of those fad titles…but not any more. I can see how easy it would be to get sucked in too. Your wedding day is an emotional day…and a lot of people are willing to do whatever it takes to make the day “Perfect” – including having a “perfect body.”

Then comes me… I’m just not willing to sacrifice the foods and drinks that brings me joy. I’m not willing to spend hours at the gym or hours on the treadmill. I’m not willing to make myself feel “BAD” about missing a run or feel guilty about having a cinnamon roll the size of my head.

So I choose not to.

This past weekend when I was on call I had about two hours of sleep each Friday night and Saturday night…I ate what I could and when I could. I had caffeine all hours of the day and night…and I definitely drank more coffee than I did water. I had peanut butter m&ms, bars and doritos. Oh and late night Papa John’s too. Oh and I only worked out on Friday.

and guess what.

I survived. The world didn’t come to an end and come Monday – my weight was the same even. Although I FELT LIKE CRUD and my energy levels were six feet under… I just got up in the morning and got back into my “normal routine.”

coffee & breakfast.
80% “clean foods” 20% fun foods.

To me …that is something that is sustainable. Is it HARD to realize that you WILL be ok for missing a day…or taking a break from your prepped meals? It can be. But think about it this way…do you want to find a way to create healthier habits that can last a life time? Or become obsessed just for ONE LIFE EVENT and when it’s over go back to your crap ways.

I choose option one!

You all know by now I have a coming and going relationship with running. At one point it was all that ever mattered to me in fitness…then I gave myself a reality check 🙂 ha! I’ve definitely expanded my horizons since my marathon days..but lately I’ve been getting back on the “running train” – Not forcing it, but doing what feels good.

Here is how I’m setting up my “workout schedule” for the summer.

3 Runs per week – ONE being a “longer run” – right now for me that would be 5-7 miles
2 strength training sessions – most likely these will be utilizing my Beachbody on Demand and the new HIIT workout –

The new workout that JUST released as a preview this week is called Liift4 – these are 4 workouts out a week that are high intensity interval training and are only 20 minutes long which for me is PERFECT for summer! My body responds well when I mix in both cardio AND weights – PLUS the weights keep me injury free when putting on the miles.

Here a preview of Liift4

WHY do I like this schedule?

1. Short and sweet. Get it done and get on with your day.
2. I have workout A.D.D. – so mixing it up keeps me from getting bored!
3. Mixing both strength and cardio prevents injury.
4. I get to use GYM WORKOUTS AND AT HOME. The best of both worlds. And with the Beachbody On Demand I can even use my tablet and get my workout done OUTSIDE.

After all – a wedding should be MOST ABOUT the MARRIAGE. The relationship. And the journey there after –

What are your thoughts about this?
Are you more motivated by a special event..but then struggle to keep it going?
Would you be interested in a workout program for four days a week 20 minute workouts?

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