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No one likes to talk about poop. But everyone does it. (or at least I hope so!) Some more than others and some more regular than others. It’s definitely something you take for granted UNTIL you run into issues…WIthout getting TOO personal today I just wanted to share a few things I have been incorporating into into healing my gut!

Sneaky Ways to Heal your Guts

There are a few things I have been incorporating into my daily routine and a few tweaks I have been making to my routine to ensure that things STAY on track. (if you know what I mean).
My daily Shakeology. It contains greens, high fiber nutrients like chia and flax and also has probiotics and prebiotics that help keep those little bacteria in our GI happy! and all the veggies – tastes like ice cream and its has $42 worth of produce in ONE serving.
SO many things about this picture above:

1. Broccoli, cauliflower, and other veggies high in fiber! These vegetables literally SWEEP out the intestinal tract. Please use caution as vegetables such as these are NOT going to be easy on your digestion if you are going TOO much as it may be TOO stimulating to your system. so if you are following LOW FODMAPS these are NOT the right foods for you! But that is another post in itself! (more to come in another post if you would like!)

2. Adding spices like minced ginger and tumeric – these two seasonings are super high in antioxidants and anti inflammatory and have known to heal the body! Tumeric is a BRIGHT yellow seasoning that has also been known to treat Diabetes Type 2, Arthritis, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, reduce stress and much more! Ginger also has a TON of health benefits! Just a few include fighting cancer, is used as an anti-nausea, lowers cholesterol, soothes muscle pain as WELL as calming digestion issues!

3. Please note the spicy sauces and garlic and onions may also be upsetting to the GI – just depending on where you are at in your gut health!

Bone broth! Ever heard of it? I know it sounds creepy but it is super duper healing for your insides! It is literally from the insides of bones – sounds gross but its the most broken down form of collagen protein making it super easy for your body to break down! The many benefits to your health include healing the digestive system, glowing skin, decreased cellulite, boosts immunity and even improves sleep! It literally tastes good – the kind I tried tastes like chicken broth!
Probiotic fermented drinks like kombucha – and this sparkling kevita drink is my favorite! There are a ton of varieties with many flavors! Just check the label to make sure there aren’t a ton of added sugars that are unneccesary!
How is your gut health? Any issues? Do you do any of the above things to help your digestion? What works for you?

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Sneaky Ways to Heal your Guts