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gosh i’m a dork…those insta filters though! ha! anyone else in LOVE with instagram stories? SERIOUSLY. I swear the pictures I can take for those are SO MUCH clearer! As you can see I’m still loving my outdoor early morning driveway workouts! And now I’m doing something ELSE I swear I would NEVER do..

I’m going back to school.

Going Back to School

Well – I’m taking myself BACK to school for my own personal reasons. Meal Prep 101. By me. in MY kitchen. And I’m taking any of your takers along for the ride! No I’m not meal prepping because I”m doing a fitness comp (that #tupplifetho haha) and I’m not meal prepping because I have kids at home that are going back to school soon. 
You see my parents are needing some meals as my mom doesn’t cook anymore. So – why NOT take this opportunity to learn MORE about preparing healthyish, meals that can be pulled out of the freezer, made in the crockpot or have them all portioned out so they are EASY for my dad to throw together! (aka toss in the microwave) BOOM. Learn the SKILLS now because I’m ALWAYS going to need to eat and life ain’t slowing down anytime soon y’all! AANNDD I’m inviting you to join me!!! I will show you recipes, behind the scenes tips of how I’m prepping and what I’m making. I’ll provide grocery lists and pictures too! We will work on it TOGETHER so that WHATEVER your situation is you will have some meals ready to go for you and your family! Keep in mind the meals have to feed ME (mostly dairy and gluten free), my FARMER papa, my mama, and my boyfriend who isn’t picky but not TOTALLY into the whole healthy eating thing. That’s a lot of ground to cover y’all!

ALSO besides the food prep school info I’ll throw in a workout plan, nutritional superfoods and some more jazz. – HELLO lifestyle changes before back to school! ANNNDD scoring some new kitchen skills –

Just last weekend here is a preview of what I’ve been prepping for y’all! (well actually for us.) 🙂

meal in ONE pot! Dump it all in and it’s ready by supper! Stew with summer fresh veggies from the farmers market and baby potatoes too!
Whipping up some protein pancakes – just THREE main ingredients! (more if you had flavorings and get real fancy) – low carb. full of superfoods. and freaking delish.
all the chicken! Baked up a big package of chicken to be used in three different recipes this week!
Thai peanut sauce, Asian fried cauliflower rice and Chicken salad with apples! Plus I’m sure there will be plenty for salads and wraps too!

Here are some teasers of me putting it all together…

Thai Peanut Chicken
Freezer Breakfast Burritos
Riced Veggie bowls with Blackened Shrimp and Chicken
Healthy Chicken Salad with Cashews and Apples
Venison Crockpot Roast with Potatoes and Veggies
Roasted Butternut Squash
Protein Pancakes

These are just a FEW of what will be available to you in Prep School!

Interested in learning more and what it takes to join?
Simply fill out THIS SURVEY (click on the link) – I want to learn more about YOU and YOUR goals!
Now it’s YOUR turn!
Do you food prep each week?
Is it something you are trying to get better at?
Which recipe above looks the best to you?
​Do you have picky eaters at your house?

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Going Back to School