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The whirlwind of the last two weeks continues but we are loving every minute! How is it JUNE already??? The past week has been full of adventures and it’s time for a blog update!

The End of May – Summer is here and Wedding Site is up!

I came home after work last week to a surprise package in the mail! My bestie Jen! That girl and I rarely see each other – she is LITERALLY all over the world- but whenever we talk it is like nothing has changed….

How cute is this package! I got a journal – Dawn and Dusk – a Daily Journal where you add one line in the morning and one in the evening. Such a good idea – and so thoughtful. I also got this adorable mug, a future mrs candle and giant diamond wine stop – and a CARD. I love cards. seriously…thanks Jen! It means the world to me..and it amazes me that you can be traveling all over the world and somehow still pull this off 🙂

Obviously I had to put the use right away the next morning with coffee on the deck. I LOVE coffee mugs but am picky about them….but this one definitely passes inspection.
After slwly getting up and moing we got packed up for the lake! It was Hank’s first trip to the lake and we were both excited to see how much he would love it! We figured it would be harder to keep him OUT of the lake…because he LOVES bath time and has jumped into the river and a few ponds too already.

The lake for us is a couple hour drive..and luckily pup loves the car. Mostly prefers to be in Brendan’s lap and sleep the whole way.

It’s not going to be long and he is NOT going to fit in this spot! But I have a feeling it’s going to take a bit to convince him of that!
Lake selfies on the deck! Hank was loving exploring the yard, fetching and swimming in the lake and of course testing mom and dad’s patience (as always) He LOVES to fetch his dummy! Brendan would throw it for him him and he would run in from the shore and bring it back! Still working on jumping off the dock, but I have a feeling it isn’t going to take long!
One of my best friends Megan lives in Alexandria, which is about 20 minutes from the cabin! So I made a visit to see her and her baby boy Max! It was the first time meeting Max in person – and seriously..how cute is he?? And it was hilarious that their pups never left his side either!!
THAT FACE. Seriously. I got so many Max snuggles and it was amazing to girl talk with Megs..it has been SO SO LONG but it always seems like we pick up where we left off. True friendship right there. So excited for her – she is such an amazing mommy!
I LOVE going for walks/runs at the lake…however Hank was NOT convinced this day! We will work on it…
Our friends Jana and Chris made it out to the cabin – they also live nearby! Jana is one of the coaches on my team but we knew each other originally from high school. But we have definitely gotten to know each other best in the last few years! We talk pretty much daily and even went to New Orleans and Punta Cana together last year!


The sunsets out here are beautiful.

We made our way home Monday afternoon and I would call it a successful weekend. Lake time, Brendan did a little fishing, sunset cruise around the lake, time with friends catching up, cocktails (of course) and Hank entertaining us.

He was EXHAUSTED. He slept pretty much the WHOLE day. First in his kennel in the cabin for a few hours, then the whole way home..and then more when we got home! The lake is hard work!

Do you guys go to the lake in the summer?
What is your favorite part of the lake?
Does your dog like it?
What is your favorite food to have at the lake?

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The End of May – Summer is here and Wedding Site is up!