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Because funks happen. You fall off the wagon. You feel unlike yourself and in a rut. You maybe feel anxious. You let yourself go… WHATEVER it is. You CAN get started again!

When you are Stuck… How to get Started Again.

1. Find some personal development and plug in. My favorite? Podcasts or audio book because I can put it on in the car…while I’m in the shower…while I’m cooking supper… etc! Multi tasking at its finest. Choose a topic you want to get better at or learn more about. It could be nutrition, brain health, gut health, anxiety, raising kids, a devotion..anything!

2. Find something NEW to get excited about! A new workout class, smoothie mix, or something else to add to your day that benefits you in other ways too! (Another way multi tasking at its finest!)

3. Find a community of people that understand you and lift you up! I don’t know what I did before coaching..the community of coaches and clients are many that have become like family that I talk to on a daily basis. Like minded people that influence you in a positive way is everything.

4. Get out and do something. EVEN if you don’t feel like it! I promise you won’t regret getting out and being social EVEN when it feels like its going to be scary!

5. Journal. Pick a time of day – morning, evening or both – and write down your thoughts. Write down what you are grateful for. Brain dump the things that are giving you anxiety and leave it there.

6. Find a WHY. Why do you want to get back to feeling better? What or WHO is the reason you want to get better?

How do you get out of a funk?

Do you listen to podcasts or audiobooks? and if so – favorites?

Are you in need of a positive community?

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When you are Stuck… How to get Started Again