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Shared some thoughts on my fitness page…you can find my page HERE

Had some thinking today during my workout… dude i was sweating my lady balls off (ha!), my heart rate was in the 160s and man was it challenging but it really wasn’t hard. Hear me out.

Working Out is Not Hard and Hanging out in the Woods?

This might be my favorite picture ever. Ok well one of them.

It’s almost BOW HUNTING OPENER Y’ALL! Ok. So I have a bow…but I don’t hunt that much..but B and I went out to the hunting land and practiced shooting our targets. And NON SCALE VICTORY for me was that I think I shot about 50 arrows before my arms gave out. DUDE. It’s hard. My bow is only set to about 35 pounds of pull? (somewhere in there – I know it’s just at legal setting) but still. I did it. 50 times. I remember last year getting tired about 20-30 shots in. So that is proof that my workouts are making me STRONGER!

Then me and B went into the woods and hung out watching for deer. Just a couple does and holy coyotes were calling. Seriously though those things are CREEPY. They were going NUTS! If you follow me on instagram you can hear them going nuts in my insta story!

The peace sign because why not… ha. ok I had to remind myself that I had two rounds down and just had one to go!

If you haven’t already you can read HERE about the workout I have been doing and the changes (for the better) I’m seeing.. not what you think)

Working out is not hard.
Brave statement right? – hear me out.

YES. your heart is most likely pounding out of your chest. You are out of breath. You are sweating. Your legs feel like jello. Your arms are shaking.

It’s challenging. You are tired. but it’s not hard.

Having someone close to you pass away…that shit is hard.
Dealing with heart disease, brain disease, cancer – you or someone else…that is hard.
Having your spouse deploy overseas…that is hard.
Losing a limb in an accident….that is hard.
Dealing with depression and anxiety. That is hard.

But getting out and challenging yourself and moving your body? That is not hard.

so get out there and do it girl. You are stronger than you think.

Wanna work on it with me? Fill out the form here and let’s get working on YOUR BEST YOU.
Strong AF.

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Working Out is Not Hard and Hanging out in the Woods?