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holy smokes how is it friday already? but really. thank the lord. This week has seemed long…IDK why? but I guess there will be weeks like that! Here is what has been the happenings!

Life Lately and a Few Blog Tips for Newbies

.Races. One trip to the local race track last Friday night and I think B is hooked! He went back Saturday night and then we were both back Wednesday night of this week. I grew up going to the car races as a kid and a few times in high school, but it had been years! And the fairgrounds isn’t far from our place so we thought why not? Is it just me or is it kind of relaxing to listen to the roar of the cars. I must have been that weird baby that fell asleep to all the noise…
In workouts.

On week two the second round of a 21 day program called The Shift Shop! This week the workouts are intensified to 45 minutes alternating cardio and strength training. Core work is also incorporated in! (SO important for runners to keep and/or build a strong core!) I do love the workouts and have been somewhat following the eating plan too! Cutting out processed foods and actually eating MORE than I usually do! Last night I was EXHAUSTED though and same thing this morning. The LAST thing I felt like doing was rushing out of bed at 5 am to get my workout done outside…and then getting ready and RUSHING off to work! So you know what? I pushed snooze. Got up still PLENTY early for work and drank coffee, had breakfast and read some personal development. I need to reset my body and soul this weekend. TGIF!

above is the book I just started – and I have a feeling it’s going to be a tear jerker. About a neurosurgeon that finds out he is the one becoming a patient when he faces a terminal cancer diagnosis. He is a SUPER talented writer and has great perspective… Has anyone else read this one?
Man I have just been so off this week emotionally and mentally and I just can’t figure out why. Ever have off weeks like that? Anxious. Questioning every decision. Feeling insecure. – I could go one. ALSO I feel super puffy and my digestion is really taking a hit this week and I have NO IDEA why. Need to get that figured out real soon…today i’m focusing on WAATTERRR and rest! I find that keeping a water bottle with me AT ALL TIMES is key for me! Any tips that work for you?
My meal prep group is seriously changing my life. It is so much easier I thought it would be to have creative and healthy meals ready in way under 30 minutes five nights a week! And its NOT eating the same thing for every meal!!! Want in next time around? Simply fill out THIS FORM! 

In other food news…

​From the around the web! I really want to “break in” my new oven this weekend and have some shredded zucchini and OVERRIPE bananas calling my name…

THESE POWER MUFFINS with banana and chocolate chips look amazing!
THESE CINNAMON ROLLS have me drooling….cream cheese frosting is my favorite!

How fun are these THESE DONUTS: https://www.biolayne.com/articles/recipes/funfetti-cereal-doughnuts/… makes me crave kid cereal! I totally need to get out my donut pan!

What an awesome way to use my green beans from the farmers market: www.ambitiouskitchen.com/2017/08/thai-green-beans/

Brownies anyone?

​this Zucchini Pumpkin French toast is DEFINITELY on my to make list: immaeatthat.com/2017/08/22/zucchini-pumpkin-bread-french-toast-with-dreamy-peanut-butter-pumpkin-spread/

sorry – i just HAD to drop that picture somewhere in this post because I love it so much! When my team and I were at our conference in New Orleans we had pictures taken! – SERIOUSLY this sums up how fun we are…well almost. All the fun can’t truly be displayed in one pic…

People ask me all the time how I got into blogs and how they can too!

First – create a FREE account on www.bloglovin.com
Be sure and follow me 🙂

Search around on the topics that interest you and you want to learn more about and follow their blogs. This creates a “newsfeed” of all the blogs you follow and you can read their most recent posts! Awesome way to learn about ANYTHING and it’s where a lot of my recipes and inspiration stems from!

Every been to the races before?

Any current reads lately?

Anyone else ever have an off week? – what are the things that YOU do to help?

I don’t do dairy, minimal gluten – I use my daily Shakeology for probiotics and know I get plenty of fiber. Any other digestion suggestions that have helped YOU with IBS?

Do you follow any blogs? Which are your favorite? What topics do you like learning more about?

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Life Lately and a Few Blog Tips for Newbies