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I’ve been seeing these topics floating around online – various blogs, articles and podcasts. And after listening to the JJ Virgin podcast this morning I wanted to share and get YOUR thoughts too! A lot of these things are “hush hush” like HELLO don’t TALK about your lady friend right? that’s so personal! – Well hello…I’m a nurse and poop and stuff is usually just lunch talk.. ha! ANYWAY! on to the good stuff.

Girl Talk – hormones, birth control, seed cycling and other girl talk

Your period. Fact of girl life right? But its so different for everyone! It can be irregular, on time and consistent or even sometimes it can go MIA – All depends on US – our hormones. And it turns out that these sucks are soooo heavily influenced by stress, nutrition, lifestyle habits, medications and others stuff. This article did a GREAT job explaining some things – so shout out to the Real Life RD – Read it HERE

She does a great job breaking down the signs and symptoms of low estrogen progesterone, and thyroid dysfunction also.

This morning I was listening to the JJ Virgin Podcast – seriously you guys FOLLOW her if you don’t already (awesome stuff about brain health, gut health, nutrition and everything is super interesting!) – She had a guest speaker on talking about the after effects of being on birth control pills – AND what happens AFTER you go off them and the effects they still have on you. It was amazing to hear what the percentages are of people that are currently on a hormone pills OR have been on one in the past! And most of the reasons that women are on them aren’t for pregnancy prevention but for things like clearing up your skin, regularity with menstrual cycles, side effects of menopause and much more. And sadly many times the pills are MASKING the symptoms and not providing a solution –

You can check out her podcast HERE and be sure to follow the JJ Virgin show on itunes or podcast addict is the app I use.

Seed cycling…Ever heard of it? I hadn’t either until recently! But basically it is adding specific amounts of certain seeds into your nutrition – you follow the plan according to what your cycle SHOULD be – super super interesting and you can read more about it HERE
Did you know there is something going on FREQUENTLY that people in the fitness world are silent about? Amenorrhea.  or the LOSS of your period. This can happen to people who are over stressing their bodies with workouts…not enough nutrition…too much OTHER stress.

Guess what. This HAPPENED to me. When I got more into running during college it went MIA for SIX MONTHS. You guys…this is a problem if it goes on for too long and DOESN’T get attention (no worries I’m all good now) – women are having issues with infertility, bone density loss and OTHER complications that come with amenorrhea.

Alright ladies … YOUR turn!

Have you heard of any of these things?
What did you find the most interesting?
Have you struggled with this in the past or struggle with it now at all?

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Girl Talk – hormones, birth control, seed cycling and other girl talk