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Hey all. To be honest I have been putting off this post…because I wasn’t sure what to write about. Gut Check. Plead me guilty for worrying about waiting for a “perfect idea” before sitting down to blog. You and I both know that perfection doesn’t exist – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still struggle with it. I’m still a recovering perfectionist. I feel like I’ve had a LOT of thoughts lately…so maybe what I’ll do is break it down by topic so you don’t end up with one big ramble.

When you aren’t Sure Where to Start, Deep Thoughts and Thinking out Loud

On the Home Front
1. Getting the plants in! I’ve always wanted to be a gardener – I think there is something super rewarding about being able to grow your own produce. For some reason though I struggle! Last year I didn’t have much that grew, but I tell myself that every year is a new start and every year I’ll learn more by trying. You might laugh, but for some reason planting scares me. I always feel like I’m going to mess it up! Yes I know it’s just dirt and just plants and it’s not a big deal (like B tells me) but still… He got me TEN strawberry plants for my birthday! We put them behind the house and are hoping to get at least a FEW berries. In my raised bed I planted carrots, peas, onions and lettuce. On the side in planters I have some peppers, tomatoes and herbs. So cross your fingers!
2. Been totally feeling a new house project. I seriously CAN be creative I swear, but I need an idea to get me started! Got any ideas for me anyone? I LOVE pinterest, but talk about TOO MANY ideas…
3. Rabbit Control. Brendan has been on the hunt for rabbits…literally. Those little buggers TRY to eat my plants! We have put some “pest guard” on the plants, but if anyone has any other suggestions I’m all ears. (no pun intended)
Friends and Events
1. Last week some good friends of ours had us and another couple over for a bbq! Matt grilled up his “duck poppers” and we all brought a side to share. I whipped up some buffalo ranch deviled eggs! Have you had them? I definitely liked them better than the regular ones! It was fun to hang out and see their little baby too. Can never go wrong with baby snuggles.
2. Lake season is upon us! We are lucky enough that both Brendan and my family have places to go to the lake. This Friday is Memorial Day weekend and I’m planning to head to my cabin to CLEAN and B is headed to his – I’ll be joining him this weekend eventually and praying for SUNSHINE! We have been lacking that lately around here!
3. Wedding season! Kicked off the season last weekend by going to a wedding reception for a coworker. It was ABSOLUTELY stunning! I think we only have a FEW this summer and to be honest the next wedding I really want to go to is my own…I’ve been to so many!
Fitness and Exercise
1. Last weekend was the Fargo Marathon! Kudos to all the runners! I know how much time, dedication, discipline and hard work it takes to train and just SHOW UP to the starting line. But there is NOTHING like the feeling of accomplishment when you cross the finish line. So many people asked me “Why aren’t you running this year?” Well -I haven’t ran any events since 2011 when I ran the full there! Crazy right? This sounds totally dumb, but I’ve never had a great race here in Fargo and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Maybe next year I’ll see out to change that? Maybe…maybe not. Right now I’m enjoying just doing what I feel like for workouts and enjoying the feeling of not “having” to do a certain type of training.
2. Last week in workouts:
Monday: quick 3 mile run to warm up and then a leg lifting circuit
Wednesday: run 3.2 miles and half of total body chisel
Friday: run 2.52 miles and some Core de Force abs on on demand
Monday: run 5.12 miles – maybe the runners inspired me? I haven’t ran that far in probably six months, but it felt great.
3. I’m still loving a combination of going to the gym and running and lifting and mixing it some workouts from my beachbody on demand. Following the trainers on there has taught me SO MUCH about form and what moves to target certain parts of the body. If you want to learn more about beachbody on demand, I made a video about it giving you a tour HERE
1. In this world of everyone striving to lose weight and eat less I’ve been focusing on eating bigger meals. Being a health coach does not mean that I have it all figured out. So often I’m focused on the habits that have helped me get to a more fit state: food substitution, cutting out junk, etc – that by looking at myself OBJECTIVELY that I don’t often indulge in the real thing. Do I eat ice cream, cocktails and cookies? Absolutely. But most of my meals if not all have been super clean. Is that normally a good thing? YES! Lean proteins, veggies, good fats are the things that I enjoy most! Carbs I struggle with – unless its in the form of sweets. I don’t fear eating “regular” foods for the same reasons most people do – for the fear of “gaining weight” or the fear of “getting fat.” My stomach is SUPER SENSITIVE and I tend to stick to foods that I know won’t upset it. BUT also on the other hand it’s important to get a variety of foods in your diet, I need more carbohydrates to fuel workouts and I don’t want my metabolism to get STUCK on a conservation mode – it needs fuel to generate the energy of my motor. I’ll go into more details of this more in another post if you are more curious how I’ve been doing this and more to my why.
2. Favorites: OBSESSED with Joseph’s Pitas and stuffing them with EVERYTHING that I have in the fridge. Oh. and you should ALWAYS put some chips on your sandwich! (I highly recommend spicy doritos), Fresh blueberries! They are so good right now and you can’t go wrong with them ANY time of day. Oatmeal is having a moment also. Add some eggs to it to help it keep you full for longer. Also don’t forget to add all the peanut butter and chocolate is amazing too.
3. Made this cookie dough balls this weekend. I have made them before but it’s been a “coon’s age” (what does that mean anyway?” ha! Find the recipe HERE
Coach Moments
A client of mine is blowing me away – She has lost 11 lbs since starting her journey to better health. What has she been doing?
1. Daily Shakeology added to her day for nutrition
2. Being ACTIVE by using her recumbant bike most nights while watching TV and exploring the workouts on Beachbody on Demand
3. Cooking meals – NOTHING crazy – just simply making cleaner choices, using portion control and checking it with me with her progress.
Want to join me? Even if your reason is weight gain, increased strength, cross training with your running or gaining energy – would love to help you! Reach out here: marti.hoekstra@gmail.com – your reason does NOT have to be weight loss!

ps. check out my girl Vicki who is in the test group for a new workout coming out? Results after ONE week? OMG.

Personal Development and Deeper Thoughts
Don’t punch me…But have you ever thought about your purpose? Why you are here..what is your calling? What brings you joy and leaves you fulfilled.

This is something I’ve been thinking a LOT about. I think that to an extent your purpose DOES tie into your career, but I do think that there are OTHER ways to live your purpose that does not relate at all. “Finding your purpose” sounds stressful…doesn’t it? It feels like you have to have just one. But here is what I’m figuring out.

Your purpose and thoughts about it are going to change as your live your life.
You don’t have to have just one.
:”You were not just put on this earth to die” – heard this quote on a podcast this morning

So start thinking about what your purpose means to you. and Start LIVING. Don’t keep your life on pause. I’m so guilty of doing the same. Waiting for the perfect time to try something. But I’m sick of living that way….who’s with me?

- A word from our sposor -


When you aren’t Sure Where to Start, Deep Thoughts and Thinking out Loud