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recap of the past week in a few words per picture! NOLA adventures, eats, moves, nurse life and such

Recap in a few Words per Pic

yyyyeeess! here is our big team of coaches the misFIT REPublic at Summit in New Orleans! – so many awesome people in ONE picture!
Random kitchen sink on a plate: chopped veggies, chicken, bloobs, cheez-its, and a pickle.
been taking my workouts to the outdoor world. LOVE it.
when you turn the wrong burner on and melt the jars and cover.

SO PUMPED for this. all the veggies and tastes like orange julius OR the milk from cocoa pebbles.

always be AUTHENTIC.
35 months of helping at least 3 people each month…are you next?

zoodles, shrimp and veggies. simple yet so good.

obsessed with this every night! vanilla shakeology (birthday cake recipe) with the lions choice edible cookie dough…
found my softball glove that has been missing for TEN YEARS! Tucked away inside a backpack from a box that has been in my parents’ garage since high school

trying something new! ranch seasonings (there are many others from this brand too! Made for popcorn, but can be used for produce, rice and meat – was good! but wasn’t as “ranchy” as I had hoped for!

simple meals with my favorite pairings – shrimp, grilled chicken, grilled potatoes and onions, side salad (pepper triscuits make great salad crunch btw)
flatout made panini style with venison and daiya cheese inside, side of crispy potato fries and ketchup – recipe for fries found HERE and side of seasoned cauliflower and green beans (steamer bag)

sick of my food yet? Apparently I have actually cooked a lot this week! Venison – don’t remember the last time I actually had beef. #lifewithahunter

Still amazed at my girl Jess’s results – this is the workout I’ve been doing! – JOIN ME.  I can already feel the MENTAL POSITIVE SHIFT happening in my life – FILL THIS OUT if you want to learn more …
Your turn!

What are some of your eats from the week?
Any quotes strike a cord with you?
What date nights or adventures have you been on this week?
Interested in making some mental changes?

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Recap in a few Words per Pic