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I can’t believe it’s already Sunday! Where do the weeks go  – just a weekly recap of what I’m loving this week, what my thoughts are and of course some fun stuff coming up!

Weekly Recap

Can we just discuss how TASTY this looks – and it’s true because it is! I have ordered various flavored peanut butters from the company The Lion’s Choice in the past but it had been a while! Their peanut butters are all made fresh and have no creepy ingredients and contain a superfood and probiotic blend also. My favorite is the birthday cake flavor! They also have pancake mixes, powdered peanut butters and when I heard they had EDIBLE cookie dough I knew I had to place another order! It was hard to decide which to try first…but I went for “monster cookie” and it was definitely a good choice! It even has those little sprinkle/m&m type candies in them that remind me of cosmic brownies! haha I have been making my favorite protein ice cream and topping it with 2 T of this stuff and it tastes like a blizzard! I have the oreo flavor edible cookie dough coming soon! You can find it HERE

my only complaint is trying to decide which product to try first!

In case you missed it – last week was National Peanut Butter Day – something I celebrate daily. My favorite way lately it topping my Shakeology fluffy pancakes! Have you tried them yet? and if not WHAT are you waiting for!?
New swimsuits thanks to Target – and thank you buy one get one half off! Our trip to Punta Cana is coming fast and becoming real! It’s a success club trip that I was awarded for helping three people each month get started on their health journey! YES It really is that simple. I got our flights booked…can’t wait for paradise with my man! Have you been to the Dominican before? We were there in 2012 and LOVED it! -Hopefully the suits looks just as good ON! How can YOU earn a free trip? Find out more by shooting me an email!
Speaking of health – I’m getting my group for my clients set up to start March 12th and I’m doing things a bit different this month. EVERYONE will be reading a personal development book of their choosing while going through the 21 days. ALSO in the group I will be really focusing more on meal planning and keeping it simple. Breaking down prep work and stretching the foods so that they can be used in various meals throughout the week! Personally I don’t like to eat the same thing every day and like to have options according to what I’m in the mood for! I’m definitely not an expert in food prep but I will say I’ve come a long ways and my clients always like these groups best! The picture above shows a sneak peek into one of the recipes – Just on day one I have SIX posts lined up guiding you through four different options for proteins to prep, three treat ideas and six veggies/side dish ideas. ALSO there will be a list of my grocery lists for the week and a list of my typical favorites that I stock up on! If you would like the complete details please email me at marti.hoekstra@gmail.com with the subject line “march madness” and include your name, email and what makes you most curious about the group!
I have always been a gym goer – It wasn’t until I started coaching that I started doing home workouts! I thought that home workouts were lame and for the weak -I pictured my mom’s leotard-wearing lady videos with them hopping around… well things have changed since then! During my time in the gym I would also stick to the cardio machines..because I often felt intimidated and lost in the weight room. Or what I considered a workout (aka doing like 10 squats and calling it leg day) was NOT effective and more so a waste of time. In the last two years I’ve been using my beachbody workouts and more so recently really liking my all access pass on beachbody on demand. It allows me to stream ANY SINGLE WORKOUT from anywhere – I can bring my tablet, phone or other device with me while traveling, to the gym or to a friends house and do whatever workout I feel like that day! No need for a dvd player. The best part about this? Is having the trainers in the workouts actually TEACH me FORM so that I don’t get hurt – I have learned a lot now that I sit back and think about it. Now I can even go into the weight room and make up my own workout to follow! For example like the one I made up above for a total body weighted workout – and I picked these moves from a VARIETY of workouts I have done in the past! – like 21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme, Hammer and Chisel, Core de Force, Joel Freeman Exclusive and various ab workouts that are on the on demand. And you can get access too now for all the workouts for about eight dollars a month…How insane is that? I would love to help you get started – Its awesome to have so many options!!! Drop me an email here: marti.hoekstra@gmail.com with the subject like BOD and include your name and email -If you want to see what the on demand looks like for yourself check out my video here: youtu.be/jnT8NiaSL54

There are a TON of recipes and meal plans also -and even a cooking show. All the nutrition programs that accompany each workout can be downloaded as well as the calendar that follows each workout. Pretty sweet huh?

In a follow up of my post last Sunday of my food prep I thought I would show you how I used the prep in meals throughout the week! You find the post of my meal prep HERE
Chicken nuggets, steamer broccoli with butter and salt and pepper, pita bread with melted daiya cheese and a avocado hummus! (for my fixers this would be: 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue (half hummus half cheese), 1 yellow and 1 teaspoon
1 cup roasted spaghetti squash (seasoned with chopped onions, garlic powder and crushed red pepper) with a serving of steamer pack green beans and for protein an egg white omelette. drizzled in siracha sauce
​2 greens, 1 t, 1 red
1 cup roasted spaghetti squash topped with a serving of steamed asparagus and green beans and topped with leftover chicken nuggets!
1 red, 2 green, 1 tsp
These stuffed peppers were SO GOOD! Served with honey chipotle beanitos chips and salsa and avocado hummus!
For my fixers:  1.5 yellow (beans in the stuffed peppers), 2 green, 1 blue (half for melted cheese and half for hummus), 1 red
I LOVE these peanut butter monster bars! I honestly don’t remember where I found the recipe, but it was somewhere online! This is how I make them
1 1/4 cup quick oats
1/4 cup ground flax seed
1/4 cup oat bran
1/3 cup honey
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla
chopped chocolate chips (i prefer dark chocolate!)

Mix together and press into an 8×8 pan and store in the fridge!

Starting my day with my favorites: personal development in the form of a daily devotion and COFFEE! Have been reading Jesus Calling each day as well as Michelle Meyers’ Famous in Heaven and at Home – ALSO reading Get Over your Damn Self by Romi Neustadt – I love having a couple books that are spiritually based and one that is business based. Perfect combo to keep me grounded AND focused.

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Weekly Recap