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New years resolutions are a hot topic these days…and I have a few tips to help get you going so that you can see it through and make changes in 2018.

Three Tips to get you Closer to your Goal

I’m going to be very transparent: I’m not one to set New Years resolutions… wait.. WHAT? Yup. You heard right. What DO I do then? Pick a few things to focus on each week and work on them. Simple as that! Not overthinking it because thinking about an ENTIRE YEAR overwhelms me!

However you choose to set a goal – here are three tips to help get you closer to reaching it.

1. Write it down. There is something about writing down your focus that causes your brain to TURN ON and get to work making it a reality. There is a hand to paper to brain connection. Seriously there is science behind it…google it.

2. JUST DO ONE THING TODAY that helps you get closer to it. Want to lose some baby weight? Order water instead of soda. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Choose to do a short workout vs laying around all day. It ALL counts and adds up. Taking action is the only way to get it done.

3. Don’t overthink it, but keep it simple…ONE CHOICE at a time. Ask yourself – will this choice get me CLOSER to my goal? Or will it pull me farther away from it? Your choice!

How do you set goals?
Are you into resolutions?
What are you currently working on?

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Three Tips to get you Closer to your Goal