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This week was INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE – as they like to say… whoever they are. –

Working in the #nurselife this week was busier than we have been for a long time. More surgical patients then we have had in months and let’s just say that many of our patients were “trying” on me… I poured my heart and soul into every shift and it left me feeling very empty and drained by the end of each day. Our patients deserve to have the BEST EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE and I’m proud of what we do on our unit – But still by Friday I was SO READY to just rest and fill my cup. I often feel guilty for not doing it all. I want to be the best nurse, the best girlfriend, the best daughter, the best health and fitness coach, the best business owner – – – I am what I like to refer to as a “recovering perfectionist.” –

It’s totally my personality to go go go 24/7 and wanting to be “successful” at everything in my life. But what does that even mean anyway? Success has to be defined by ME and not the world around me. I’m currently reading the book Present Over Perfect – and it’s so good and the perfect message I need in my life right now.

A good friend texted me Friday night and said “You can’t help anyone else if your tank is empty” – So that is EXACTLY what I’m doing this weekend. Focusing on what matters – sticking to a simple list of my priorities and getting just those done. I’m not going to worry about checking it all off either. I’m taking time to do the things that bring me joy and that are what I choose to make a priority this weekend.

T.O.L. – where did this week go?

sweets. I love em. I randomly bought a bought of Lucky Charms – just because they looked awesome. Are you a cereal fan? What is your favorite kind? I used some to top some vanilla shakeology “nice cream” and I must say it was an amazing idea and I would highly encourage you to do it too. The marshmallows are still my favorite!
Last thursday night a vendor from B’s work was in town and took us out for the annual “christmas party” – just a couple months late – We went to a place that was new to us and a bit more fancy than our typical bar and grill dinners – but it was delish! Who can say no to trying new food, drinking expensive and smooth red wine and top shelf moscow mules. I tried the roasted chicken that was served over rustic frites with a cranberry glaze and candied bacon! Can’t wait to go back to eat on the “tavern” side – the pizza there looked AMAZING!

Me and B headed home to see my family on Sunday – my mom’s 70’s birthday is this coming Friday so we had cake at church and then went to my parents place to have lunch together with all of the family. I can’t get over that there are now FIFTEEN of us! With my nieces’ boyfriends it sure adds up fast and leaves me feeling as old as ever…

My got so many cards from people at church and enjoyed opening every single one! Every year is a blessing.

I kind of rediscovered the wonderfulness of what is my griddler! Have you seen these? I got it a few Christmases ago from my sista – Its a grill, griddle and I even have plates for waffles. You can switch out the plates as you wish and things can be cooked either with it open OR with it shut. I have been using it the most for making my Shakeology waffles, but recently decided to reorient myself with the grill aspect so that I could cook up some chicken that needed to be used! I used the grill plates and preheated it to high – threw the chicken on and closed it and they were absolutely perfectly done in like 7-8 minutes! Then all you have to do is let it cool down and then I take out the plates and put them right in the dishwasher once they are cooled. Easy clean up!
An easy meal! Butter leaf lettuce from Costco and topped with onions, kalamata olives, grilled chicken, daiya cheese, cholulah, a drizzle of bolthouse ranch and a side of spicy nacho doritos for crunch (and balance ha!) – SO GOOD.
I braved the mall last Saturday (on a Saturday..I know right?) and was on a mission to find a couple dressier outfits. My go to store is usually Express – but for some reason I had no luck this time. I must have been feeling extra brave, because I ended up in Forever 21. That store is seriously OVERSTIM. (agreed?) But I was able to find this shirtdress? (is that a word) and paired it with my black Express jeggings and black wedges – I also found a turquoise maxi dress!

Alright YOUR turn!

What are your favorite things this week?
Favorite breakfast cereal as a kid (or now..)
Thoughts on Forever 21? or what is your GO TO store?
Do you have a griddler? What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

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Thinking Out Loud – where did this week go?