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hand on head because I rocked a tough workout yesterday (Sunday) – The Shift Shop’s Super Speed 50 – and you know what? it was challenging, but not NEARLY as tough as I made it out to be in my mind!! – Challenge yourself yo.

Ok on to the good finds!

Farmer’s Market Finds and a Very Important Question

brussel sprouts! Ok so I used to HATE these – but actually I don’t mind the steamer bags when you steam them and then season with butter, salt and pepper. I found a recipe for cooking them fresh with BACON so I’m going to see what B thinks! (shh! don’t tell him..) – basically you cook bacon, set aside and then add the chopped fresh sprouts to the pan adding a little olive oil as needed! Season with garlic, pepper and a little balsamic. I figure if there is bacon involved it has to be ok right?
how fun/funny are these carrots! They are PURPLE! I plan on roasting some in the oven with some potatoes and spiralizing some like noodles and sauteeing them! Have you tried these before?
We go through sooooo many onions in our household! B loves onions as do I, and I swear we add them to everything! What do you go through the most of?
Not a farmer’s market grab but a target find! Have you tried these? I’ve seen them, but I thought it would be perfect to try them especially since they are on sale! I plan on sauteeing some, and roasting some like curly fries!
all the Broccoli! This is another veggie we both love….and look how FRESH this is! With broccoli I really keep it super simple! Just add the cut up broccoli to some boiling water and steam it! Just be sure and cook it until you can poke it with a fork and don’t overcook it because then it is mushy! Add some butter or coconut oil and sea salt/pepper. YUM!
Zucchini! Totally going to spiralize all of this and saute in a pan with minced garlic, olive oil, sea salt and pepper! LOVE topping it with an additional dallop of coconut oil – serves as a perfect side dish! Last night I had this with steamed broccoli and a grilled chicken patty from costco!
Flash back to this amazing bloody mary from Saturday! – OMG I love these….and after not having one in FOORREEVVEERR I was due! – SO now for the serious question. (ok…two)
Do you love blood mary’s?
And if so what is your FAVORITE way to make them? Me: give me the ones with a spicy kick and beer chaser of course!Your turn!Any fun produce or farmer’s market finds?
Blood mary yay or nay? And how do you like/make yours?

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Farmer’s Market Finds and a Very Important Question