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I’m not afraid to admit that I’m totally a perfectionist and STILL working on overcoming it. I always want to be the best, achieve the best, be at the highest of my ability and of course anything SHORT of any of that has to be a failure. Ok. So in real life that just isn’t true…but sometimes it definitely still feels that way.

Why “set back” does NOT mean failure.

A quote on a religious podcast is one that I still think of often. “If you feel like you are being set back – it’s only that you are being set UP for something greater.” Awesome right? I know that everything happens for a reason and whether you are a religious person or not I’m sure you can relate to that on some level. Some days finding the good is harder than others. That just makes us human.

When you set a big goal and don’t make it it can be super discouraging. But you know what? KEEP ON GOING. As long as you NEVER QUIT TRYING you will NEVER fail. The only way to fail is if you quit! Take this however you choose: working on a physical health goal, a business goal, a college career goal, a financial goal.

When faced with a frustration like this – I ask myself, “WHY is this important to me?” If it’s still important and still a priority in my life…I just KEEP ON PLUGGING AWAY. Going back to your WHY and celebrating all that you have in life to be grateful for really does keep you humble. Is your “failure” of today or coming up “short” really the worst thing that could happen? OR Is it a sign that something MUCH great is being set up for you?

Questions for you:
Are you a perfectionist?
How do you deal with “Failure”?

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Why “set back” does NOT mean failure