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just going to play catch up and get a weekly recap going – its been far too long!

Weekly rambling, updates and life favs

seriously i LOVE fall. dressing in layers and scarves and vests and boots and leggings…oh and hats. LOVE it. Out running errands today and was just feeling it. And of course I had a caribou perks coupon so a large it was! Almond milk cappucino with 1 SF vanilla – perfection. Do you have a fav fall drink? Been wanting to try the maple pecan latte at Starbucks! Sounds amazing …
FINALLY eating again and I totally indulged at the froyo place – I believe I picked vanilla and butterfinger frozen yogurt and then pretty much every awesome topping they had. I think the frosted animal crackers are the G.O.A.T. What is your favorite? oh and you HAVE to get oreos and cookie dough bites. That is just not optional.
I’ve been making my own nespresso coffee drinks at home lately! 2 nespresso pods + half cashew milk and half of this pumpkin latte mix from Trader Joes – sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice on top… it’s magical… Just ordered some more nespresso pods – can’t believe I’m already out! Been getting the intense mix on amazon prime…do you have a nespresso too? And where do you order your pods from?
I’m in LOVE with these cookie bars from Sally’s new cookie Cookbook! I’ve already made them twice in the last week. They are so soft and chewy…YUM! You can get her cookbook at the link below!
Flash back to last weekend when I attended a CPAN/CAPA review course! The CPAN and CAPA are certification tests for nurses that work in the area of PeriAnesthesia (aka recovery room and day surgery) Our hospital was awesome enough to host the course and it was super interesting. It was a long day, but covered a TON of information. Actually it was a two day course, but I ended up having to change plans last minute and went home to spend time with mom on Sunday.  In order to take the certification test this spring I need to register soon…I should just BUCK UP and do it! Are you certified in anything specific for your job? I love learning and nerd out about all the info but to be honest always feel intimidated by tests – and I know it’ll be hard. But it would be GREAT to have it under my belt.
LOVE my time for morning devotions and reading with my coffee. I’m currently reading THREE books! The Love Dare, The Compound Effect and the new Jodi Picoult book Small Great Things. I have read the Love Dare and the Compound Effect before. I have mixed feelings about the Love Dare..I like that it has a daily “dare” or focus for your relationship each day – but in some aspects I have a hard time relating to it. The Compound Effect is an awesome read and I HIGHLY recommend you read this one. I’ve read this one and The Slight Edge which is also a similar philosophy. In a nutshell the consensus is that if you want to make positive change in your life all you need to do is make a SMALL change + be consistent over time = a great change. It really does matter! Small Great Things was loaned to me by a coworker and it has TOTALLY sucked me in. What are you reading lately?
I haven’t been the greatest at meal prep lately. But I finally feel my appetite coming back. I’m doing some cooking and baking this weekend and I can’t wait to show you! On the agenda is a crockpot Thai Pork Roast (served with rice), Creamy Wild Rice Soup (with duck and goose) and also a Wild Game Pot Pie! My sister is harvesting their honeycrisp apple tree too and I want to make apple crisp and also some apple cinnamon rolls. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Are you cooking or baking anything this weekend? I would love to see!
squash is still also very much having a moment around here – at least for me! ha! – I’ve been having a harder time finding the kabocha squash that I’m obsessed with so I believe that this was buttercup. But the japanese pumpkin Kaboch will always have my heart…why? because it’s not as MUSHY and has a more “french fry” like taste – I remember HATING squash growing up and now I love it! Mom always made it super mushy…blah. I like it cut up, roasted with seasonings best. It is also really good with melted coconut oil and cinnamon!
getting back on the workout train is hard. But the endorphins help my mindset so much. Not going to lie – it’s been hard lately for some reason and I’m ready to feel strong and fit. I definitely do NOT lately – but there is joy in the comeback right? And although six pack abs would be nice…With the lifestyle I want I don’t think that is in the  cards. I want to be able to have a cookie, a drink and some doritos and not sweat it or be obsessed about counting every calorie that goes in my mouth. That isn’t the person I want to be. That is not the lifestyle I want. And it’s not the life I want for my future family either. Moving my body and fueling it is about HEALTH – which to me is about FEELING good in the skin I’m in and always striving to be stronger MENTALLY and in a good and positive place with my body. THAT is the example i want to live by.
smoothie bowls are having a moment around here:
1 packet cafe latte
1/2 cup non dairy milk and 1/2 cup water
1/2 scoop collagen peptides (link below for the type i’ve been using)
dollop maple syrup
five ice cubes
blend!​so so good.

Moms are the best aren’t they? like no matter what the circumstances….

What has been going on in your week?
Are you into any of the things I talked about above?

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Weekly rambling, updates and life favs