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A few weeks ago I somehow ran across the term for a recipe called “crackslaw” – I was like WHAT IN THE WORLD is crackslaw? Of course this lead to google…which lead to pinterest…which lead to checking out new blogs…to of course trying it out for myself! Crackslaw is a take on coleslaw that is apparently all the rage – think protein meats coleslaw that is made stirfry style – here we go!

Transformation Tuesday and Crackslaw

This recipe is low in sugar – but I’m thinking definitely higher in sodium. High in protein and low in carb – so I would recommend serving it in a pita, tortilla Or with some tortilla chips..mmm…

The Boy’s take: “meh. Not bad. Not over the top good. I think I would rather have straight up stirfry.”

My take: “darnit I can’t put my spoon down I just keep wanting to take more “tastes”

I’ll let you try it out for yourself and see what you think! I based it off of THIS RECIPE from the blog tasteaholics! They even have a “how to video” – Be sure and check out their other posts too!

 I took a pound of venison from the freezer earlier in the day to thaw – you can use ground beef, ground turkey or most likely even chicken. aka whatever suits your fancy/what you have on hand! NEXT: brown the meat until it’s no longer pink and drain some of the fat off.

In a separate saute pan I added about a Tablespoon of sesame seed oil and a finely chopped clove of garlic and cooked until it started to smell DELISH! I then added my already cooked meat and continued to stir it all together! Dump in a bag of coleslaw! I used a 14 oz bag of the tricolor mix from the grocery store but use whatever you prefer. Just make sure it isn’t coleslaw with the dressing on it…haha you want JUST the cabbage mix! To this I added: 2 T siracha, 2 T low sodium soy sauce, 2 T apple cider vinegar, pepper, some pink sea salt, a sprinkling of sesame seeds about a half cup of chopped onion! Keep stirring until the greens start to wilt a bit and its thoroughly warm – BOOM and you are done!

I would say this is about six servings? Figuring SIX servings I entered it into my fitness pal and this is what I came up with per serving:

172 cals
4.7 grams of fat
4.7 carbs and 1.8 grams of fiber = about 3 total carbs
23.8 grams of protein
352 mg of sodium so not as bad as I was thinking it would be!

Serving recommendations: on a wrap/pita, with tortilla chips – in a bowl with rice – or simply grab a fork and dig in like I did!

Been having some deep thoughts about my own transformation…and I don’t mean BODY – I mean mind. When I really dig deep…running not only become my therapy …but also a bit of an obsession. Yes – I wanted to hit goals of completing a race at my best. But after a while I started to feel inadequate in life if my run went “bad” … if I had to stop and walk … I had a day where my legs felt like bricks … etc. Even had thought of “if you can’t go run for an hour why bother?” So many negative thoughts and being unfair and mean to myself.

There are still some days where negativity, anxst, self doubt and evil creep in. That is just life! BUT I’m learning more and more that I’m worth the days of rest. I’m more than an instagram worthy six pack and muscular legs. I truly feel like on the days I move my body I’m doing it because its ENJOYABLE and I want to – NOT because “I have to.” I’m not sure why it’s so much easier to love everyone else…and to stop being so hard on ourselves…but I guess it’s part of my journey! Maybe you can relate?

Your turn! Have you tried the crackslaw? Would you?
Do you have those struggles too sometimes? How do you deal?

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Tuesday Transformation Crackslaw