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So many people this week have told you – “You are so brave for traveling on your own. I could NEVER do that!” Which is so funny to me because I NEVER used to travel and the thought of airplanes, airports and going it alone was TERRIFYING to me. Yes…here I am.

But I have to confess. I’m really not that brave.

Facing Fears

Being in New Orleans this week for the Team Beachbody Summit event really has my mind going. And this ONE topic really stood out to me … I kept HEARING and SEEING it over and over…

Limiting beliefs. What are they? They are things that you believe about yourself that hold you back from realizing and going for your goals and full potential. Most often times you don’t realize they are even there. It comes out when you think about a big dream and then hesitate to admit it or say it out ¬†loud…because YOU could NEVER do that… Am I right?

SO while a lot of days I put on a brave face I’m really not that brave most times underneath it all. And I’m going to admit it today. Face your fears. Jump. What is the worst that could happen?

Example number one: I was homesick when I first got here. I wanted to turn right around and come back home. That uneasy feeling where you feel like you aren’t where you need to be….you should just go home. I cried. LOTS. Silly right? But I’m supposed to be brave…and here I was having an anxiety attack.

Today is day five. I’m on the original flight I set up. I’m ready to dig deeper and look at my fears and anxieties and GROW from it. After all… what if something even MORE amazing happened because of it?

Do you struggle with anxiety?
What have you done to overcome it?
Have you ever been homesick?

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Facing Fears