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I’ve seen quite a few of these posted on instagram so I thought I would bring it to the blog! Maybe some of you already know these things about me…but I guess we will find out!

10 Facts About Me Part One!

1. Did you know that I was a “whoops” baby? Well…I have heard only like half of pregnancies are planned..but for real though I don’t think my mom was anticipating getting pregnant at the age of 42! (yes you read that correctly!) – I just like to say that they kept trying until they got perfection .. ha! So yes! I have two older sisters that are 15 and 20 years older than me! (I won’t disclose my age so you can do the math ;)) I even became an aunt at the age of five! So I have four nieces and one nephew! So much fun being an auntie..and the youngest has grown way too fast!
2. I graduated from a class of 34! Yup. Small town kid. We had a pretty tight knit group – the boys in my class seemed more like brothers than anything and for the most part all of us got along really well and we hung out with the classes that were older and younger that us.I went to one of those schools who pretty much everyone was in all sports, was in band and choir – etc because if we weren’t we wouldn’t have enough to participate! My hometown doesn’t even have a stop light (and still doesn’t) but we do have a bar, three churches, a school, (sometimes a restaurant and bowling ally), a hardware store, beauty salon and a few other things!
3. Do you know the reason why this blog is called Fit with Heart? Well…I will share a part of the reason… I was born with a congenital heart defect called a Ventricular Septal Defect aka VSD – this means that I was born with a really small hole between the lower chambers of my heart. I have a heart murmur SUPER loud that I’ve been told it sounds like a “washing machine” when you take a listen with a stethoscope. Some people with a VSD are unable to do physical activity because simply they get very short of breath and can’t tolerate it. I’m SOOO BLESSED that (knock on wood) I have always been able to be active, never had any restrictions and just have to get it checked out every so often to make sure there are no changes. At this point I do not need to have the procedure to get it closed.
4. My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly seven years! Yes. You read that correctly. And to be honest..he is the first “real” boyfriend I have ever had 🙂 We met during college (I was 20 at the time) – we both went to the same college and both worked at Olive Garden! Him a busser and me a server – we rarely ever worked the same shifts, but when we did we ALWAYS ended up talking. With all of our mutual friends we eventually ended up hanging out together and even going on a first official date! Well – the rest is history and here we are today! He’s my best friend. My roommate. My number one. And I really can’t imagine life any other way – so I’m praying that I get the blessing to spend the rest of it with him!
5. I am a nurse and while so many people ask me “why I chose” that profession I really can’t really give you a direct answer! I was a nurses aid as a high school student and worked at a nursing home from the age of 16 through my first summer after my freshman year of college. I was one of those weirdos that went to college and knew that I wanted to be a nurse. Worked my patootie off to get a 4.0…got into the program at the school of my choice and graduated in four years… got my job of choice even prior to graduation my career in nursing starting off in Cardiac ICU! Nothing like jumping in head first…but I learned soooo much…
OK – that is enough for today! More to come on my fitness journey…health struggles and other good stuff (well I hope anyway) – Now I want to know – What are some facts about YOU? Share some below!

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10 facts you might not know about me…part one!