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Just had to prove that sometimes I wear some makeup and some real clothes…aka not workout clothes or sweatpants or scrubs!

This weekend involved some meal prepping! I was on call without an oven so why the heck not right? IMPROVISE and I’m pumped to show you all the goodness that went down in my kitchen!

Broken Oven Makes Meal Prep…Interesting?

so last week my oven pooped out! It hadn’t been working right…like it wouldn’t hold a temp at all OR it would get super freaking hot and NOT shut off! Then one day it was beeping with the message F1 ERROR reading on the screen. I googled and found out it is most likely the function temp panel (or something like that!) and in a nutshell just NOT worth fixing! We have been in our house for about 3 years and I’m sure the oven is at least 10 years old? SOOOO off to the oven store this weekend and a new one will be here Wednesday… yay! – i made some amazing cookies before it totally malfunctioned…
right? yuuummm… and then the last batch that after five minutes nearly went up in flames (parchment paper and all)

I have a feeling you would prefer the first TWO of the three batches…am I right? What are your favorite cookies? I think I would choose GIANT chocolate chip cookies…with lots of dark chocolate…and sea salt on top…and browned butter for the win….(drooling over here…) oh and topped with VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM

Ok … so where was I… meal prep! oh yeah!

Today since I was stoveless I got out my electric wok, my griddler and my crockpot! What is YOUR favorite appliance? Just curious! I have been wanting to try an air fryer! Any input??

Cauliflower fried rice! And I plan on mixing in some regular rice too – This can be used in so many ways throughout the week! Stuffed peppers, stir fry, taco salad, burrito bowls, or just a simple side! I added in some chopped peppers, onions, and cilantro. Quick tip! Buy the frozen cauliflower rice (I used the green giant brand) and the pre-chopped veggies – DONE in under ten minutes!
YOU GUYS – this “trick is killer!” – 2 egg whites + 1 egg yolk and whisk. Microwave with a cover for about 90 seconds and be sure and check every 15-30 seconds until its done! Making them in these pyrex dishes make them PERFECTLY round. Be sure and let them completely cool on parchment paper before storing in the fridge. They make a great breakfast prep and I’m thinking also would be perfect on English muffins breakfast sandwiches – which could also be prepped and frozen in advance.
more breakfast prep! Protein Pancakes! By using my USUAL Shakeology pancake recipe I just tripled it. I got out three small bowls and made all three at the same time. Three small pancakes = one serving/batch. Using my griddle I made the cakes and then let them cool on parchment paper before storing them in the fridge. One serving with an egg round and almond butter is going to be delish!
Cleaned three small zucchinis that I bought at a local farmer’s market and spiralized them!  Can’t wait to make more zoodles this week! I have a SIMPLE spiralizer as pictured below!
I bought a big bag of these small potatoes at Costco! I LOVE them on the grill or roasted in the oven, but since the OVEN is currently out of service – I thought I would try out the crock pot! I cleaned and chopped each small potato in half.  Spray the crockpot with pam and add your potatoes! Drizzle on 1-2 T olive oil, butter, coconut oil or whatever you prefer. Sprinkle on sea salt, pepper, minced garlic and onion powder and cook on high for 2 hours – PERFECTION you guys! Have you ever tried this?
Since it worked so well I decided to do the same thing with squash! I chose butternut squash and kobacha squash! If you can buy PRE CUT! It’ll save you from nearly chopping off your fingers! haha –
I also picked up a couple of yellow zucchini at the farmer’s market! aka summer squash. I peeled and chopped it and sauteed it up in seasonings! Going to be an amazing side for the week!
Grilled chicken perfection! I used my “griddler” Highly recommend this! – It can be used for a grill, griddler and I even has the waffle plates for it too! The plates are interchangeable and dishwasher safe and easy to change. Preheat the grill closed on high and cook the chicken for seven minutes and DONE.
I also got out my electric wok! I have had it since college and I believe that I got it from my sister who ALSO used it in college! It worked AWESOME for the cauliflower fried rice, browning burger and also sauteeing the zucchini! This isn’t the EXACT one I have but a similar model.
Your turn! What are you eating this week?
Do you food prep?
What is your favorite kitchen appliance when you CAN’T use an oven?

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Broken Oven Makes Meal Prep…Interesting?