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maybe a little bit but aren’t we all??? I have been asked so many times how we have planned our wedding in such a short engagement period. Most people are engaged for a year – when we got engaged in May I couldn’t imagine waiting over a year for a wedding! We have been together over eight years…I couldn’t wait to be able to call B my husband… and with hunting season coming up in September we chose the only date that in the month that didn’t involve another friends’ wedding OR impede on bird/bow hunting season… September 15th, 2018 – We got engaged May 11th – so we had about 4 months to plan! Bring it on.

A Wedding in Four Months? Are you Crazy?

First things first I dove right into research and nailing down the main things. We had a venue we have had our eye on for a while a new place – so I contacted him so that we could come see it! I reached out to photographers, a dj and pastors in the area as well as the one back home.

After visiting the venue we sat down and had a big conversation about the benefits and negatives of the place…and we decided to put a big YES on it. We set up a meeting with the caterer we work with.

Another big thing? (no pun intended … ) BUDGET. Google docs has a premade template we used for wedding planning. We sat down and created an estimated budget. I had to have a cold one or two while we did this… we wanted to make it nice, make it fun but make it reasonable and nothing outrageous!

One of the other first things? Creating a guest list. We did this in the google doc – starting with closest family…and working our way outward to friends. Also having to figure out our wedding party was so hard! I knew a few of my friends wouldn’t be able to be a part of it due to other commitments on the day of or before our wedding. Decided on our people and I sent out some cute invites for them! They already knew anyway…because I did ask per phone 🙂 When you don’t have much time to work with you have you don’t mess around!

I asked B what he wanted to be a part of intimately when planning and what things he did’t mind me just going for – I didn’t want to just start doing things because we are a team! But I also know him and know he doesn’t want me to ask about every specific detail.

Two rules we and I have had.

1. He told me “You aren’t allowed to pull the panic button unless someone is actively dying.” Noted babe.

2. Make a decision and go with it. Something I told myself from the beginning because we BOTH have a tendency to hmmmmm and haawwwww over things.

Start scheduling things and making decisions.
Schedule engagement photos – get them back – make the invites – get them and SEND THEM.
Created a wedding website for RSVPs and wedding details.
Make a hotel block – research what i the best deal in the area.
Decide on cake and food.
I kept it simple and let the bridesmaids get their own dresses – just told them the color.
Found a dress at the first place in 45 minutes and bought it off the rack.

Stay organized throughout the process.. I have an ongoing list that I check things off as I do them each day – If somethings takes like a half hour to do – DO IT NOW and don’t just wait until the week of! Need bride make up? Go buy it now. Need to wrap bridal party gifts? Perfect go do it now. Need to pack the decor in totes? Great do it. Oh and amazon prime and etsy are amazing.

Hope this helps you all get an idea of how we have been going about it, not stressing too much and just enjoying it. Something I remind myself EVERY day is how pumped I am for our MARRIAGE – the wedding is just one day! 🙂

How long was your engagement?

Anything surprise you after reading this?

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