Are you ready?

I would love to hear from you as I find any feedback very helpful! Are you ready to pursue your own journey to a healthier and happier life? I would absolutely love to be a part of it! I want to hear your story. I want to hear about YOUR goals! Where do YOU want to be in 30 days? To apply for one of my 30-day focus on your groups please fill out the form below or email me at

30 Day Focus Group – to develop healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits!

– workouts that are FUN, challenging, and doable for YOUR level of fitness
– SIMPLE nutrition (that is family-friendly); delicious recipes included
– NO FAD DIETS ALLOWED (#sorrynotsorry)
– gain a POSITIVE mindset as you evaluate what is important to YOU
– gain a COMMUNITY of support along with motivation & accountability
– gain ENERGY and confidence!
– the chance to change lives too!

Thanks for reaching out to me about my challenge! One of the most important aspects of my challenges, even above the weight loss and/or physical changes, is the mental breakthroughs that occur. There are many ways to lose weight but only one to KEEP it off and that’s by making a shift in the way you think about nutrition and exercise, and most importantly the way you think about yourself and your potential.

So my questions to you are this…where are you currently in your life and why are you ready and willing to do what it takes to change??

OR maybe it is on your heart that you are ready to do your OWN things and you want to help others share in the excitement of health and fitness. Coaching has most definitely changed my life in so many ways and now I’m accepting applicants to my team the misFIT Tribe! I’m here to mentor YOU according to your goals for your business and ready to mentor you according to the pace you choose. If you are a positive and motivated individual I’m ready to rock with you!

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