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Couldn’t decide where to start today – so I’m just going to start. –

Blogger’s Block, Beating Overwelm, Breaking your Mold

I went on Facebook Live this past week sharing about being overwhelmed and how I try to manage it – I HATE that feeling – I get so many things running through my head, I feel like my head is spinning and then I just find myself with little ping-pong balls in my head and I FREEZE. “What do I do?” “Where do I start?” So I don’t start anything. I don’t do anything. I just sit there. And do nothing. How effective is that? Well…it’s NOT!

My three tips to overcoming the overwhelm…

1. Clean up your space. Clutter makes my overwhelm worse! So I go to town … Put things back in their spots, wipe down your kitchen cupboards, throw out old foods from the fridge, wipe down the table, wipe down your work space – ETC! Just clear it out and it’ll help clear your mind too. (It works for me anyway!)

2. Take a half hour to do something that brings you joy. Don’t have a half hour? Ok. Take 15 minutes. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take a bath, read a devotional, go for a walk – whatever! Just do it. You are worth that time and it is well spent when it helps clear your head!

3. Do a Brain Dump! I grab my planner and just start writing. Grab a notebook or whatever you prefer! I fill in my schedule with work shifts, events and upcoming “must-dos” and then I grab some post its and jot down my lists – “around the house” “for the lake” “for work” – feel free to label them according to your own needs!

At least those are things that help me! What do you do to overcome overwhelm? Or maybe you NEVER get overwhelmed…if that is the case will you teach me THAT?

Been suffering from some crazy writer’s block lately and trying to find my rhythm. I have so many things I want to say to you guys some days, but having issues organizing it in my brain and spitting it out. Does that even make any sense? I guess it’s probably my perfectionist tendencies coming out – I should JUST START typing and just do it already right? You ever have these issues?
Listening to our National Team Call for coaches this week was awesome. One of the guest speakers was a fellow coach who used to be an Anesthesiologist. In case you DON’T know what that means – they are the doctors that see all the patient’s undergoing surgeries and other procedures that need the sleepy medicine. They are in charge of keeping you sleeping and comfortable during surgery! (so in a nutshell you better be nice to them. haha!)

She had always been into helping others not only through her Anesthesia occupation, but she also is really into fitness and taught classes and would educate others (even unknowingly) about nutrition. Every day she said she treated COUNTLESS patients that were very overweight and had other health issues stemming from poor nutrition and lack of activity. “If only I could have gotten to them years ago…” was a frequent thought in her mind. She started coaching because she loved passing along her love of health and since she had been using Beachbody programs and products for years it was a no-brainer to get the discount too! Her passion has grown for it SO MUCH that she is now doing it full time.

Can you IMAGINE what she has faced? What others have said to her? “You mean you AREN’T being a doctor any more? You are doing that silly coaching thing?” “You are turning away a six figure income you have worked so hard to get to build a business on your own?”

But when you feel called to do something you have to do it. She stated, “You wouldn’t just walk by someone that was on fire would you? – You would help them.” and that is EXACTLY how she feels about the health crisis in the United States with over 2/3 of Americans being obese! Talk about a woman on a mission.

So why do we look down on people like this? NO ONE should feel ashamed about pursuing their passion. It is scary to pursue something that you love when you feel like others are going to shame you for “wasting a degree.”

Can I be transparent for a minute? I think about this a lot. I love being creative. I love creating. I love reading blogs, writing on my blog, creating posts, editing pictures. Coaching has been my side hustle for nearly three years now. Would I work this full time and completely give up nursing? No. So what is my goal? What is my purpose? After all, doesn’t your purpose and destination have to be PERFECTLY CRYSTAL CLEAR?

My purpose and goals continue to evolve.  And I’m ok with it. But one thing has remained the same. I continue to work on ME – mindset, body and soul. That search of balance in an unbalanced world – determined to quit caring about perfect. Continuing to serve others in their health goals. Working on building a life where I design my day. Dropping down to a .5 in nursing and working more on creating.

Are you actually working in the field that you went to school for? Would you ever dare to do something new? Or would you fear others’ wrath of “wasting talent” or feeling shamed?

- A word from our sposor -


Blogger’s Block, Beating Overwelm, Breaking your Mold