4 weird food pairings I actually love

I’ll never claim to be the healthiest .. I mean I guess it’s how you define “healthy.” To me healthy is moderation and not deprivation. Depriving yourself is no way to live! I won’t get into that today, but simply want to share some seemingly strange food subs that I find amazing and my favorites.

4 weird Food Pairings I Actually Love

1.  DIY chips/flat bread! – sounds weird right? Like WTF not just use regular chips? Well being real here I a lot of times DO use Doritos (make them spicy nacho preferably) – to top salads, serve alongside a protein or to stuff inside a wrap! (don’t knock it til you try it) – but I know I shouldn’t be doing that for EVERY meal and its fun to mix it up and try to DIY! I’ve been trying to up my fiber intake so I picked up some of these Joseph’s lavash wraps! I’ll post a link below – but you can find them at most grocery stores too. And feel free to use whatever wraps you have on hand! Flat out brand work great too!

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees
On a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper lay out your wrap

Bake for about 5 minutes or until crispy and then break apart and season however you like! Or add cheese, nutritional yeast – these are perfect for topping a salad or building your own nachos.
2. Roasted Squash dipped in ketchup. Seriously. When I was little I absolutely DESPISED squash! But I never had it ROASTED. Here is how I do it!
Preheat oven to 425
Prepare cookie sheet with parchment paper
Cut up squash! My favorite is the kabocha squash (but also do butternut and buttercup!).
Spritz with cooking spray and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper!
Roast for about 30 minutes and flip at the halfway point!
devour and thank me later.
3. Eggs and peanut butter. or almond butter. or Trader Joe’s MIXED nut butter. Seriously.. do it.
4. This in my opinion is an awesome way to boost your oats and get in some more protein aka keep me full longer!

Add a packet of oats to a bowl (i love the oat fit brand especially the maple brown sugar!!)

Add some water! I’m going to guess about a half cup?
Add in a half cup of egg whites
Microwave for about 3 minutes…you are going to have to start and stop it and stir it as you go!
When it gets all fluffy and the eggs look cooked…you are done!
Add some milk (non dairy is my choice) and some cinnamon and peanut butter!
Have you tried any of these combinations?
What are some “weird” food combos that you love?
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5 Tips to happier

Winter blues got you down? I find myself in a funk sometimes too ESPECIALLY when its 40 below in North Dakota. I have a magnet on my fridge that says “40 Below in ND keeps the Rifraf out” – unfortunately this does not mean those downer feelings…

So how can you feel happier when the negative vibes are lingering?

5 Tips to Happier

I would consider myself in most aspects a pretty positive person but that doesn’t mean I don’t have those in a funk days (sometimes weeks) or get angry, negative and just an all around debbie downer. But there are some things I have learned ESPECIALLY what my coaching community has taught me and what I would like to share with you too –
1. Take some time to reflect. Take out a pen and paper and do a brain dump and reflect on yourself right now. What are you feeling? Why do you THINK you are feeling that way? What is getting in the way of your happiness? You  might be surprised at what you find.

2. Take time for personal development. IT is NOT selfish to take time for you. Pick up a book, an audio, a podcast or even a devotional and just start with 10 minutes a day on a topic you want to learn more about or something you want to build upon. Some examples might be: confidence, spirituality, mindset, nutrition, leadership….What do YOU want to focus on? What do YOU want to get better at?

3. Take time to unplug and do the things that bring you joy. Go get a good coffee. Go get a new book. Call a friend. Get a manicure or a massage. Self care is not selfish. If you aren’t doing something for your – you can’t do anything for anyone else!

4. GET MOVING. EXERCISE = ENDORPHINS and ENDORPHINS = HAPPINESS! Go for a walk. Go to a class. Grab a friend and do a workout at home. DO SOMETHING. Also – remember that what you eat has a HUGE impact on your entire life! INCLUDING your mindset! Are you eating all processed? A diet high in sugar? Are you binging on CRAP? Prepare to feel like crap.

5. What kind of people are you surrounding yourself with? Your environment can either be an energy suck or energy boost! You are most like the five people you are around the most. What kind of people make up your tribe? Energizing and positive people that are REAL and there for you? If that isn’t true you better reassess that situation.

6. BONUS: Write down 3 things daily for a week that you are grateful for. Its impossible to be unhappy and grateful at the same time.

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? What helps you be happier? Any personal development suggestions to share?
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“I don’t know how to eat”


Those are LITERALLY the words that came out of the mouth recently of one of my clients – and in a world of “low carb” “intermittent fasting” “portion fix” “weight watchers” “if it fits your macros” “high protein” “high fat” “low fat” – I really can’t say I blame her. It’s freaking confusing – You know you want to “be healthier” but how in the WORLD do you know where to start? And then you overthink it…stress about it…and dangn’t stress causes weight gain and overeating and water retention and DAMN you are back at square one!

ok. breathe.

But for real though…am I wrong?

I’m not a certified nutritionist (but I am a Registered Nurse) – so I’m just here to share what has helped me, has helped others and my own personal experiences in hopes that it somehow helps YOU or someone you know!

“I don’t know how to Eat”

I started running during college as a stress outlet..a way to stay active and just SOMETHING to clear my mind and work up a sweat! I was always super active during high school but going to college is different! And who wants to put on the freshman 15 anyways? I HATED running during high school because we alwas had to do it as a punishment – but in college it felt different! I taught myself to just ZONE out while on the treadmill -I could even read my notes to study or read a magazine (currently I still read my favorite blogs and my magazines on my nook while logging miles)
I found myself especially interested in nutrition while I was going to school. I loved my nutrition class we had to take for nursing and I seriously think I read every single health and fitness magazine -I was like a SPONGE for that stuff!

And since I was being more active with running I was also doing some various running events! 5ks, 10ks, training for a half AND working at a running store I figured I better clean up my act with eating too. I started eating salads for every lunch – and looking back there is no way that I was eating enough. I dropped some weight obviously even though that was never my intention! People say mean things when that happens. I was labeled as “anorexic” – crazy runner girl – obsessed – etc etc – that words “Go eat a cheeseburger” btw is not nice.

Here is me running my first half – kinda scrawny I know! BELIEVE me when I say I have been through it all – feeling too small – feeling uncomfortable in my skin too.
I remember this was before going out for a night with the girls and I felt like NOTHING fit right and I just felt yucky about myself. I by no means was obese or ANYTHING like that..but I definitely did NOT feel like me!

And THAT is what I’m TALKING about today – when you are at a low point in your life -and I’m NOT talking about a number on a scale but when you truly want to get back on track and feel GOOD again – YOU want to make make nutrition changes but DON’T KNOW where to start – Let me help you with some of my favorite tips that have helped me over the years!

1. First step – Decide that you actually want to pursue a healthier lifestyle. You seriously have to want to do it and be in the mindset for it! I’m NOT saying you have to go all or nothing – but you have to be committed too.

2. Do a self analysis. How would you describe your current nutrition. Take THREE days and journal it all- whether it be through an app like my fitness pal or just pen and paper! After the three days take a look at what you have written down.
What do you eat a lot of?
What do you NOT eat a lot of?
When do you feel extra hungry?
Any foods that you ate make you feel weird, sick or gross?
How much water did you drink these days?
What were you craving? sweets at night? salty? Super hungry and wanting everything by 9 pm? Just do an analysis and you might be surprised what you find out!

3. Is there anything in your entries that were super surprising that you eat or drink way too much of? For example: maybe you are having THREE sodas every day (and YES it still isn’t OK if they are “diet”) –

***DISCLAIMERI do have a soda every now and again but that is besides the point.***

Why are you reaching for more soda? Are you genuinely thirsty? Are you tired and you are thinking that will give you an extra buzz? Are you having an afternoon tired spell? What could you do for now to cut down to ONE soda a day?

Another example: You put ranch on EVERYTHING. Like we are talking everything drowning in ranch.

***DISCLAIMER #2 I like ranch!***

How could you make a healthier choice and use less?
1. Try a greek yogurt based ranch like Bolthouse Farms! Do half and half with your regular ranch and wean yourself to NOT drowning everything in it –
2. Actually portion out ONE serving and then put the bottle away.

So these of course are just TWO examples – but hopefully that makes sense and you get the idea!

4. Know that it is going to take time to make changes. Sorry – there really truly are NO TRUE “quick fixes” It took you a while to develop these habits and its going to take a while to develop and learn new ones! Be patient with yourself. Trust the process.
5. Know that that you are special and unique and there is not a RIGHT away that works for everyone. Everyone has different needs, likes and habits and that is ok. But you have to find something to try if you truly want to make a change. To me it was all about making small changes that added up to big ones. Not changing everything all at once
6. When you are changing your eating habits…ask yourself “Could I live like this?” I do agree that you will have to make some sacrifices – after all you want to change..right? But if the way you are eating doesn’t “allow” you to ever have a treat – is that really worth it and sustainable? Coming from a dark chocolate and a cookie lover – it sure isn’t worth it to me! SUFFERING AND FEELING DEPRIVED IS NOT HEALTHY.
7. Disclaimer. Yes I’m a beachbody coach – but you should know that I’m also a researcher and have looked into all different ways to help people in their nutrition. There are MANY things I do NOT get on board with – and you are entitled to your opinion of course too! What I do agree with is the nutrition system that beachbody does include in many of its workouts – called the portion fix system. It focuses on eating REAL food and eating them in their correct portions. You should be eating a diet (not dieting but HAVING a diet) that includes all foods: proteins, carbohydrates (yes you need those for energy!), fats, (no they aren’t going to make you fat), fruits, veggies -You should be eating all of these foods in the correct portion sizes and in the right amount of servings too! The portion fix system includes food lists from all the categories of food groups and even color codes them. You do a SIMPLE calculation to figure out how many of each food group you need throughout the day according to your goals! (weight loss, maintenance or even gaining) You choose foods that you like from the food lists that are “acceptable” and just simply eat them. Nothing complicated. Eat real food. Portion control. Get away from processed. Eat enough. Boom. oh and chocolate and wine is included too!

Its a great education tool especially for the portion aspect!

Find support. Seriously. You aren’t alone with whatever you are going through and it’s ok to ask for help and support. Find a tribe. Love them hard. I would love to help you any way I can – in fact you can apply for my VIP group here:
What do you struggle most with in your nutrition? What are some changes you are trying to make?