I’m all about that zucchini season.. but WTF do you do with it? Well let me SHOW YOU silly! And if you don’t want yours? Hand it over!

Give me all your zucchini.

first up… ZOODLES. Get yourself a spiralizer…like now. They are INEXPENSIVE and you will thank me!

Spiralized zucchini + olive oil in a pan for a few minutes – add salt, pepper and garlic and boom.


add sauce, protein, veggies or whatever your heart desires. You are welcome.

Just another zoodle combo above…

Zucchini Pizza Bites!

Slice zucchini – spray with a cooking spray in a saute pan – sprinkle with garlic powder, sea salt and pepper and flip until TOASTED. Add parmesan on top or other cheese (or nutritional yeast for all you non dairy freaks like me) and eat! Don’t forget to dip in marinara……mmmmm……

Chop up the yellow or green zucchini and add to a pan – throw in some olive oil, shrimp, sausage and onion – cook with your favorite spices and just heat until cooked through. BOOM added veggie awesomeness.
simple is best!
Chopped, seasoned and sauteed and is a SIMPLE side dish! Or add to tacos, wraps, fried rice or other!

Your turn!

Are you zucchini obsessed?

How do you sneak yours in or eat it?

Which one of the above meals looks the best to you?


Being a coach… without a before and after?

When you think of a health coach what comes to mind? Someone with six pack abs and the perfect body according to society? Someone shoving protein shakes at you? Someone with a super dramatic before and after weightloss transformation picture? Let’s just say I probably don’t fit any of those descriptions. A health coach can be all of the above or none of the above – you just have to be you.

Being a Coach – Without a Before and After

Even after completing nursing school – I always felt like there is something more for me. I love being a nurse (don’t get me wrong) but I still have always felt like something was missing.. I’ve also been kinda obsessed with health, running and nutrition since college. So why not make something more of it?

Every month I create accountability groups. It is run through an app where my clients and fellow coaches that choose to participate can log their shakeology, their workouts and just post WHATEVER is on their heart or mind that day. I also post twice a day – including valuable tools such as meal prep tips, recipes, fitness inspiration and also mindset and positivity challenges. Because let’s face it…we can ALL use more of that in this world…

Being a coach is not being someone other than yourself.

Being a coach doesn’t mean that you are perfect and are at your “after photo” – in fact its much deeper than that.

Being a coach does not mean that you are soley responsible for others to have results.

Being a coach does not mean that you are an expert….a know it all….

SO what is it?

Coaching means that you encourage and shine a light. You give others hope and show them that they TOO can do whatever they set their mind to.

It’s always working on yourself … physically … but even more so mentally and emotionally with personal development.

Its not about protein shakes and if you have researched SHAKEOLOGY at all you know that that is NOT what Shakeology is! (yes it has protein…but that isn’t the basis)

It’s NOT about spamming people and making them order things.

Its about learning others needs and fulfilling them.

It’s about helping. It’s about changing lives. Daring to dream bigger for yourself and others. It’s about knowing that you can do better each and every day. Its about

It’s about banding together and empowering one another to dare to dream bigger. Maybe for you that is building a full time income by helping others and yourself. Maybe for you its the freedom to choose how you schedule your day. Or maybe your dream is to just TRY something new because what you are doing right now just ISN’T bringing you results or making you happy or fulfilled.

Why not try?

I would love to hear about your big wild and crazy goal. Whether you are looking for the community or simply a way to earn some extra income I would feel blessed to be a part of your health journey.

Drop me a line:


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Farmer’s Market Finds and a Very Important Question


hand on head because I rocked a tough workout yesterday (Sunday) – The Shift Shop’s Super Speed 50 – and you know what? it was challenging, but not NEARLY as tough as I made it out to be in my mind!! – Challenge yourself yo.

Ok on to the good finds!

Farmer’s Market Finds and a Very Important Question

brussel sprouts! Ok so I used to HATE these – but actually I don’t mind the steamer bags when you steam them and then season with butter, salt and pepper. I found a recipe for cooking them fresh with BACON so I’m going to see what B thinks! (shh! don’t tell him..) – basically you cook bacon, set aside and then add the chopped fresh sprouts to the pan adding a little olive oil as needed! Season with garlic, pepper and a little balsamic. I figure if there is bacon involved it has to be ok right?
how fun/funny are these carrots! They are PURPLE! I plan on roasting some in the oven with some potatoes and spiralizing some like noodles and sauteeing them! Have you tried these before?
We go through sooooo many onions in our household! B loves onions as do I, and I swear we add them to everything! What do you go through the most of?
Not a farmer’s market grab but a target find! Have you tried these? I’ve seen them, but I thought it would be perfect to try them especially since they are on sale! I plan on sauteeing some, and roasting some like curly fries!
all the Broccoli! This is another veggie we both love….and look how FRESH this is! With broccoli I really keep it super simple! Just add the cut up broccoli to some boiling water and steam it! Just be sure and cook it until you can poke it with a fork and don’t overcook it because then it is mushy! Add some butter or coconut oil and sea salt/pepper. YUM!
Zucchini! Totally going to spiralize all of this and saute in a pan with minced garlic, olive oil, sea salt and pepper! LOVE topping it with an additional dallop of coconut oil – serves as a perfect side dish! Last night I had this with steamed broccoli and a grilled chicken patty from costco!
Flash back to this amazing bloody mary from Saturday! – OMG I love these….and after not having one in FOORREEVVEERR I was due! – SO now for the serious question. (ok…two)
Do you love blood mary’s?
And if so what is your FAVORITE way to make them? Me: give me the ones with a spicy kick and beer chaser of course!Your turn!Any fun produce or farmer’s market finds?
Blood mary yay or nay? And how do you like/make yours?

Self Impovement

Why “set back” does NOT mean failure

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m totally a perfectionist and STILL working on overcoming it. I always want to be the best, achieve the best, be at the highest of my ability and of course anything SHORT of any of that has to be a failure. Ok. So in real life that just isn’t true…but sometimes it definitely still feels that way.

Why “set back” does NOT mean failure.

A quote on a religious podcast is one that I still think of often. “If you feel like you are being set back – it’s only that you are being set UP for something greater.” Awesome right? I know that everything happens for a reason and whether you are a religious person or not I’m sure you can relate to that on some level. Some days finding the good is harder than others. That just makes us human.

When you set a big goal and don’t make it it can be super discouraging. But you know what? KEEP ON GOING. As long as you NEVER QUIT TRYING you will NEVER fail. The only way to fail is if you quit! Take this however you choose: working on a physical health goal, a business goal, a college career goal, a financial goal.

When faced with a frustration like this – I ask myself, “WHY is this important to me?” If it’s still important and still a priority in my life…I just KEEP ON PLUGGING AWAY. Going back to your WHY and celebrating all that you have in life to be grateful for really does keep you humble. Is your “failure” of today or coming up “short” really the worst thing that could happen? OR Is it a sign that something MUCH great is being set up for you?

Questions for you:
Are you a perfectionist?
How do you deal with “Failure”?


Tuesday Transformation Crackslaw


A few weeks ago I somehow ran across the term for a recipe called “crackslaw” – I was like WHAT IN THE WORLD is crackslaw? Of course this lead to google…which lead to pinterest…which lead to checking out new blogs…to of course trying it out for myself! Crackslaw is a take on coleslaw that is apparently all the rage – think protein meats coleslaw that is made stirfry style – here we go!

Transformation Tuesday and Crackslaw

This recipe is low in sugar – but I’m thinking definitely higher in sodium. High in protein and low in carb – so I would recommend serving it in a pita, tortilla Or with some tortilla chips..mmm…

The Boy’s take: “meh. Not bad. Not over the top good. I think I would rather have straight up stirfry.”

My take: “darnit I can’t put my spoon down I just keep wanting to take more “tastes”

I’ll let you try it out for yourself and see what you think! I based it off of THIS RECIPE from the blog tasteaholics! They even have a “how to video” – Be sure and check out their other posts too!

 I took a pound of venison from the freezer earlier in the day to thaw – you can use ground beef, ground turkey or most likely even chicken. aka whatever suits your fancy/what you have on hand! NEXT: brown the meat until it’s no longer pink and drain some of the fat off.

In a separate saute pan I added about a Tablespoon of sesame seed oil and a finely chopped clove of garlic and cooked until it started to smell DELISH! I then added my already cooked meat and continued to stir it all together! Dump in a bag of coleslaw! I used a 14 oz bag of the tricolor mix from the grocery store but use whatever you prefer. Just make sure it isn’t coleslaw with the dressing on it…haha you want JUST the cabbage mix! To this I added: 2 T siracha, 2 T low sodium soy sauce, 2 T apple cider vinegar, pepper, some pink sea salt, a sprinkling of sesame seeds about a half cup of chopped onion! Keep stirring until the greens start to wilt a bit and its thoroughly warm – BOOM and you are done!

I would say this is about six servings? Figuring SIX servings I entered it into my fitness pal and this is what I came up with per serving:

172 cals
4.7 grams of fat
4.7 carbs and 1.8 grams of fiber = about 3 total carbs
23.8 grams of protein
352 mg of sodium so not as bad as I was thinking it would be!

Serving recommendations: on a wrap/pita, with tortilla chips – in a bowl with rice – or simply grab a fork and dig in like I did!

Been having some deep thoughts about my own transformation…and I don’t mean BODY – I mean mind. When I really dig deep…running not only become my therapy …but also a bit of an obsession. Yes – I wanted to hit goals of completing a race at my best. But after a while I started to feel inadequate in life if my run went “bad” … if I had to stop and walk … I had a day where my legs felt like bricks … etc. Even had thought of “if you can’t go run for an hour why bother?” So many negative thoughts and being unfair and mean to myself.

There are still some days where negativity, anxst, self doubt and evil creep in. That is just life! BUT I’m learning more and more that I’m worth the days of rest. I’m more than an instagram worthy six pack and muscular legs. I truly feel like on the days I move my body I’m doing it because its ENJOYABLE and I want to – NOT because “I have to.” I’m not sure why it’s so much easier to love everyone else…and to stop being so hard on ourselves…but I guess it’s part of my journey! Maybe you can relate?

Your turn! Have you tried the crackslaw? Would you?
Do you have those struggles too sometimes? How do you deal?


Trader Joes Finds, Meeting Shaun T and a Big Life


Life has been a whirl wind lately! but mostly in a good way… so let’s get to it!

Trader Joes Finds, Meeting Shaun T and a Big Life Confession

ast weekend I attended our quarterly coaching event down in Minneapolis, MN – and guess who was there SHAUN T! I’m sure you recognize him from the workout programs Insanity, Insanity Max 30, CIZE and T25. He has a new book coming out in November! (you can pre-order it by clicking on the link below) I have done Insanity Max 30 program in entirely and also the Shaun week workouts on Beachbody on Demand. I’m terrible at CIZE – let’s just say hip hop makes me even MORE uncoordinated. But Shaun had a great message and it awesome to hear his story.
Of course when we were in the cities we had to shop till we dropped and this included a Trader Joe’s stop of course! Can you believe the closest one to me is about 3.5 hours away? Check out my video HERE to see what I all picked up!
Finally made this spaghetti squash pizza casserole from paleomg! I have had it pinned forever and finally got to making it. It’s something I would definitely eat again! Find the recipe HERE
Also made this recipe from the Shift Shop nutrition guide! SO delish! I modified it a bit using what I had on hand! – chicken jalapeno sausage, shrimp, leftover grilled chicken, broccoli, onion and zucchini! It was done in under 20 minutes too!! If you want to find out more about recipes like this that I share with my clients…feel free to fill out the form quick HERE
Alright – so why all the beverages…I’m about to get a bit deep here!

For as long as I can remember I have always had “gut issues.” But for the last year it has gotten worse. After trying sooooo many different things on my own: fiber gummies, probiotic, no dairy, cutting gluten at times, miralax, etc – It’s time to get to the bottom of the issue. I saw a specialist on Monday and in order to rule out IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) she is going to perform an EGD and a colonoscopy. This way she can take a biopsy from my small intestine to test for Celiac’s Disease and also check out to see if there are any signs of what may be causing all my pain and issues. So while I’m not particularly PUMPED UP about it .. I’m trying to embrace it! It’s time for answers and I know I’m in good hands with my coworkers that will be taking care of me!

In order to prepare for the procedure you have to be completely empty…if you catch my drift. In order to do that it involves lots of liquids, laxatives etc for about three days. So while I’m on all clear liquids I decided to grab a bunch of random drinks and I can do a review on them on the blog! If that is something you would like to see? A positive: I can have coffee! yay! And as long as the drink is clear and not purple or red I can have it.

I grabbed quite a few things and I kind of doubt I’ll drink them all in the three days! haha I got bai sparkling and regular drinks, a couple monster ultras for a jolt (not sure if I will be able to tolerate these and if not I’ll save them or later!), a la croix, a steaz arnold parmer, bone broth and ramen! (don’t use the noodles part)

Has anyone else been through this?

​Any tips?

Me Self Impovement

Facing Fears

So many people this week have told you – “You are so brave for traveling on your own. I could NEVER do that!” Which is so funny to me because I NEVER used to travel and the thought of airplanes, airports and going it alone was TERRIFYING to me. Yes…here I am.

But I have to confess. I’m really not that brave.

Facing Fears

Being in New Orleans this week for the Team Beachbody Summit event really has my mind going. And this ONE topic really stood out to me … I kept HEARING and SEEING it over and over…

Limiting beliefs. What are they? They are things that you believe about yourself that hold you back from realizing and going for your goals and full potential. Most often times you don’t realize they are even there. It comes out when you think about a big dream and then hesitate to admit it or say it out  loud…because YOU could NEVER do that… Am I right?

SO while a lot of days I put on a brave face I’m really not that brave most times underneath it all. And I’m going to admit it today. Face your fears. Jump. What is the worst that could happen?

Example number one: I was homesick when I first got here. I wanted to turn right around and come back home. That uneasy feeling where you feel like you aren’t where you need to be….you should just go home. I cried. LOTS. Silly right? But I’m supposed to be brave…and here I was having an anxiety attack.

Today is day five. I’m on the original flight I set up. I’m ready to dig deeper and look at my fears and anxieties and GROW from it. After all… what if something even MORE amazing happened because of it?

Do you struggle with anxiety?
What have you done to overcome it?
Have you ever been homesick?

Almond Blueberry Breakfast Bake

I really can’t take credit for this recipe as it is based mostly on Taralynn’s Gluten Free Oatmeal Bake over on her site  The one I made is NOT gluten free but does use REAL ingredients and I love that!

Blueberry Almond Breakfast Bake

I had to pick up a FEW ingredients, but I have most everything already in the cupboard and or freezer!

I used 2 packets of instant oatmeal – I grabbed a box of the flavor called “berry crumble” because I thought it would be perfect for this bake! I think it was the ThinkThin brand? Almond flour, White Whole Wheat Flour, Baking powder and soda, vanilla, coconut oil, non-dairy milk (I have unsweetened vanilla cashew milk), eggs, a few pinches of stevia and some frozen mixed berries from the freezer!

Super simple: mix all ingredients together – add the berries last – gently fold them in last so you don’t squish them! Pour into a sprayed pan and bake at 375 for about 15 to 20 minutes or until the middle isn’t too jiggly. You can do the toothpick trick! I drizzled the top with a simple glaze (powdered sugar, vanilla extract and a few drops of water – stir until you get the consistency you like!)

Let me know if you try it! I really loved it and confess to eating batter out of the bowl…ha!

Love Taralynn’s blog and have followed her for years! Check her out!

What other blogs do you follow and love?


10 facts you might not know about me…part one!

I’ve seen quite a few of these posted on instagram so I thought I would bring it to the blog! Maybe some of you already know these things about me…but I guess we will find out!

10 Facts About Me Part One!

1. Did you know that I was a “whoops” baby? Well…I have heard only like half of pregnancies are planned..but for real though I don’t think my mom was anticipating getting pregnant at the age of 42! (yes you read that correctly!) – I just like to say that they kept trying until they got perfection .. ha! So yes! I have two older sisters that are 15 and 20 years older than me! (I won’t disclose my age so you can do the math ;)) I even became an aunt at the age of five! So I have four nieces and one nephew! So much fun being an auntie..and the youngest has grown way too fast!
2. I graduated from a class of 34! Yup. Small town kid. We had a pretty tight knit group – the boys in my class seemed more like brothers than anything and for the most part all of us got along really well and we hung out with the classes that were older and younger that us.I went to one of those schools who pretty much everyone was in all sports, was in band and choir – etc because if we weren’t we wouldn’t have enough to participate! My hometown doesn’t even have a stop light (and still doesn’t) but we do have a bar, three churches, a school, (sometimes a restaurant and bowling ally), a hardware store, beauty salon and a few other things!
3. Do you know the reason why this blog is called Fit with Heart? Well…I will share a part of the reason… I was born with a congenital heart defect called a Ventricular Septal Defect aka VSD – this means that I was born with a really small hole between the lower chambers of my heart. I have a heart murmur SUPER loud that I’ve been told it sounds like a “washing machine” when you take a listen with a stethoscope. Some people with a VSD are unable to do physical activity because simply they get very short of breath and can’t tolerate it. I’m SOOO BLESSED that (knock on wood) I have always been able to be active, never had any restrictions and just have to get it checked out every so often to make sure there are no changes. At this point I do not need to have the procedure to get it closed.
4. My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly seven years! Yes. You read that correctly. And to be honest..he is the first “real” boyfriend I have ever had 🙂 We met during college (I was 20 at the time) – we both went to the same college and both worked at Olive Garden! Him a busser and me a server – we rarely ever worked the same shifts, but when we did we ALWAYS ended up talking. With all of our mutual friends we eventually ended up hanging out together and even going on a first official date! Well – the rest is history and here we are today! He’s my best friend. My roommate. My number one. And I really can’t imagine life any other way – so I’m praying that I get the blessing to spend the rest of it with him!
5. I am a nurse and while so many people ask me “why I chose” that profession I really can’t really give you a direct answer! I was a nurses aid as a high school student and worked at a nursing home from the age of 16 through my first summer after my freshman year of college. I was one of those weirdos that went to college and knew that I wanted to be a nurse. Worked my patootie off to get a 4.0…got into the program at the school of my choice and graduated in four years… got my job of choice even prior to graduation my career in nursing starting off in Cardiac ICU! Nothing like jumping in head first…but I learned soooo much…
OK – that is enough for today! More to come on my fitness journey…health struggles and other good stuff (well I hope anyway) – Now I want to know – What are some facts about YOU? Share some below!